Who is Tara Reade and what are her allegations against Joe Biden?

Tuesday, 05 May, 2020

Former President Barack Obama's campaign strategist David Axelrod has said that when the campaign vetted Joe Biden as a vice presidential running mate, it found no evidence of prior sexual assault allegations.

"There is only one place a complaint of this kind could be: the National Archives", Biden said.

The former Vice President Biden has been accused of assaulting former employee Tara Reade in 1993 when she worked in his senate office, a claim he flatly denies. "Because there was nothing there". Biden unequivocally denied the allegations on Friday, speaking directly about them for the first time. Reade told the Associated Press last week that the report she filed with a congressional personnel office after the incident did not explicitly mention that Biden had sexual assaulted her. The University of Delaware's curation of Mr. Biden's archive reportedly will not be ready until the spring of 2021 despite previous indications that the university hoped to make his records available before the November election.

After receiving Biden's formal request that she initiate such a search, Adams - a former staffer to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell - consulted with Senate legal counsel, according to an email Monday morning from Sydney Butler, the secretary's deputy chief of staff. She said she filed a harassment complaint with the Senate in 1993, but did not have a copy of the document.

The accusation has roiled Biden's presidential campaign, sparking anxiety among Democrats.

"I am appalled by Representative Komi's comments", Shurtleff said, according to WBZ. She has said she filed a complaint related to the uncomfortable interactions in the office, but not sexual assault.

Biden sent a letter to the Secretary of the Senate on Friday asking for a search of his records to try to locate a complaint that Reade allegedly made in 1993 about Biden.

Whitmer continued her support for Biden's presidential run and expressed doubt in Reade's allegation.

"It has been appalling the hypocrisy as to how Brett Kavanaugh was treated versus Joe Biden", McDaniel said during an appearance on "This Week". I know Joe Biden, and I've watched his defense, and there's not a pattern that goes into this. But she did not go so far as to accuse him of sexual assault or harassment until this year.

Both sources spoke anonymously to protect their families' privacy, the report said.

Reade, one of a number of women who accused Biden of inappropriate touching past year, said she did not describe the sexual assault earlier because she feared retribution. NO sexual assault or harassment allegation ever came up against him.