Gallery: THE BEST Murder Hornet Memes We've Seen

Wednesday, 06 May, 2020

The monster hornets - nicknamed "murder hornets" by researchers in the northwestern state of Washington - were first spotted late past year near Blaine, a town near the Canadian border. This grisly scene is the result of a "murder hornet" making its way through a bee hive, according to a New York Times report that went viral over the weekend.

Those who are stung multiple times (10 or more) are more susceptible to developing a toxic or allergic reaction, including lightheadedness or dizziness, and must immediately seek medical attention.

The hornet can sting through most standard beekeeper suits and delivers almost seven times the amount of venom as a honey bee.

As its name suggests, the Asian giant hornet is native to Asia; it is the largest hornet species in the world, with queens growing to about two inches long.

Scientists do not yet know how they made it to the US.

Even as the U.S. remains under attack from the coronavirus outbreak, a new terror has arrived: "murder hornets".

As part of a long-running series in which he deliberately gets himself stung by a variety of disgusting insects, including something called an "Executioner wasp", Peterson was filmed in 2018 enduring the sting of a Japanese Giant Hornet. "But if you sustain multiple stings, the necrosis and the venom will actually start getting into your bloodstream and will start working on your organs".

If the hornets are not handled soon, and the hornets spread throughout the United States, they will become impossible to eradicate.

The sting can penetrate a regular beekeeper's suit, and scientists had to order special reinforced suits as protection. "It's a health hazard, and more importantly, a significant predator of honey bees", Todd Murray, a WSU Extension entomologist and invasive species specialist said. "The hornet really aggressively targets those types of insects - it can mark their hive and then come in as a group ... and wipe out thousands of bees in just a few hours". The Washington DOA also received credible reports of the invasive species near Custer, Washington, which is south of Blaine, thought they were not able to confirm them. They have an orange-yellow head and prominent eyes, with black and yellow stripes on their abdomens.

Asian giant hornets mostly fly under the radar in the winter, when queen hornets hibernate in soil or other covered places.

"The venom itself is fairly toxic and creates localised necrosis around the wound, so you'll see melting flesh around the wound", Mr Spicheger told Reuters. It's only May and we're already beset with a global Coronavirus pandemic and murderous hornets the size of a thumb.