Long queues outside liquor shops in UP

Wednesday, 06 May, 2020

As Lockdown stage 3 begins, several relaxations were given in Orange and Green Zones where standalone wine shops were allowed to re-open.

However, videos of snaking lines and jostling crowds in front of the shops have gone viral.

Over 36 lakh litres of Indian Made Liquor (IML) worth ₹182 crore and over 7 lakh litres of beer valued at ₹15 crore was sold on Tuesday, the excise department confirmed.

After more than a month, liquor stores have finally reopened in India across states and with that, social distancing and precautions needed to keep coronavirus at bay have gone for a toss. "The new rate will be applicable from Tuesday", posted PTI quoting a senior official. Bhang shops and liquor bottling units under Berhampur Excise District will also remain closed.

As per the notification, alcohol buyers will have to pay 70% tax for liquor from today, a day after alcohol shops opened. But there were many even ahead of him. Twitterati shared their posts and slammed the decision, stating that this might worsen the condition and may also increase domestic violence cases across the country. An elderly woman identified as only Dakamma and stated to be aged 96 years was one among the crowd in Shivamogga waiting to get some liquor. Many people, who complained about lack of food and occupation are happy to find money to buy alcoholic beverages.

People will have to register their mobile number, Aadhaar number and address for placing the order online which will be confirmed through an OTP (one time password). Here, the shop has not been opened and policemen are sending us back.

New Delhi's tax is meant to discourage large gatherings, after locals flocked to liquor stores when they reopened Monday for the first time.

Ramesh, who declined to share his second name, said he was trying his luck after failing to buy liquor bottles from nearby shops because of the huge crowd.

Due to chaos and serpentine queues, officials had to close some shops.

Rajbir Singh, in his late 40s, tried his luck at a liquor vend behind Regal Cinema in central Delhi, but failed.