Oculus Quest 2 Will Arrive Soon With New Upgrades

Friday, 08 May, 2020

"Stress Level Zero verified that it is working on" bringing Boneworks' mechanics and core systems to Oculus Quest" within an official Oculus blog post. The headset is now sold out, and has been for some time a measure of Facebook's inability to manufacture or restock VR headsets during a pandemic and of consumer interest.

What pushes early hardware forward past this uncomfortable stage of progressions is competition, but just four years into the consumer VR industry, Oculus doesn't really have much competition to one-up. At $299, the current model is cheaper than Facebook's most-powerful headset, the Rift S, which connects to a computer.

VR headsets don't tend to be updated on an annual or biennial basis like smartphones, so it will be interesting to see if Facebook chooses to sell the new model alongside the current Quest in 2021, or if one will replace the other. Aside from being lighter, they would be more comfortable to wear and better suited as a standalone, portable device overall. It is also mentioned that changes may come to the general design of Quest, such as more elastic material for headbands in new products. Bloomberg news, which is the source of the claims, also talks about the features of the new generation product. According to the Bloomberg report, the new Quest headset will be 20% lighter and will weigh about 450 grams (1 lbs). Specifically having a faster image refresh rate.

Inside this guide, we'll allow you to know whether or not Boneworks can be performed on Oculus Quest without using an Oculus Link cable or even wireless PC streaming.

Other features in testing include a mechanism for adjusting the distance between your pupils and more comfortable controllers with battery covers that won't tend to fall off like they do now. Not only is the model expected to be smaller, lighter, and have a faster display refresh rate, but multiple versions of the new headset are being worked upon. But the current global situation has apparently caused shipping to be pushed back to sometime next year in 2021.

This gives Oculus some breathing room to focus on aesthetic and usability-driven updates, as they did with the Rift S, and as it sounds like they may be pursuing with this new reported Quest successor.