It's gonna be sweet: don't miss the Strawberry Moon eclipse

Sunday, 07 Jun, 2020

In India, the eclipse will start from 11:15 pm on June 5 and will be most prominent at 12:54 am on June 6 when the faint shadow completely engulfs the Moon. They also note that The Maine Farmer's Almanac states that it's also known as the full moon in June, and that the Algonquin tribes called it the Strawberry Moon because of the short harvesting season for strawberries takes place around this time.

Eclipse Season 2020: All you need to knowWhen will the Strawberry Moon Eclipse peak?

June's full moon follows a succession of so-called "supermoons", whereby the moon appears bigger and brighter in the sky.

The moon is doing something cool on Friday, and you could see it. "Some writings suggest that the time around the end of June was when honey was ripe and ready to be harvested from hives or from the wild, which made this the "sweetest" Moon", explains NASA.

The Strawberry Moon will be visible for about three days, from early yesterday morning through early Sunday morning.

No matter what people may believe about the full moon and the eclipse, these are sky events many people would want to watch out for before the annular solar eclipse on June 21.

The second lunar eclipse of the year 2020 is a penumbral lunar eclipse which is usually harder to spot as the Earth's outer shadow, which is also known as the Penumbra, covers the moon. The darkest penumbral lunar eclipse of the year is expected on November 30. This makes a chunk of the moon appear dimmer. Master eclipse photographer Fred Espenak took this photo when the moon was 88.9% immersed in Earth's penumbral shadow.

This is the time astronomers think the subtle eclipse will be most visible in the UK. The eclipse skipped North America, but the Virtual Telescope Project live-streamed the Italian lunar phenomenon.

NASA's Gordon Johnston has rounded up a list of alternative moon names this month, including mead moon, honeymoon, hot moon, and moon planting.

During this eclipse, July's Full Thunder Moon will move into Earth's shadow for a few hours.