US Senator Rick Scott accuses China of sabotaging vaccine development

Вторник, 09 Июн, 2020

Since this lawmaker said he has evidence that China is trying to sabotage Western countries in their vaccine development, then please let him present the evidence.

"We have to do this vaccine".

China on Sunday issued a white paper on the country's battle against COVID-19, chronicling its painstaking yet effective efforts to contain the novel coronavirus while sharing its experience for the world to defeat the global pandemic.

After community spread and clusters of cases emerged in Wuhan, and confirmed cases were reported in other Chinese regions, China informed the World Health Organization and other countries, including the United States, of the situation.

"What I really believe is whether England does it first or we do it first, we are going to share".

The ruling Communist Party "has made a decision to be an adversary for Americans and I think for democracy around the world", he said.

Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said at the press conference that China has participated in an worldwide collaboration initiative launched by the World Health Organization to accelerate the development of vaccines and medicines for COVID-19.

Scott "says the United States has evidence", Hua said.

The white paper released by China, detailed that the TCM was used to cure all types of coronavirus cases in the country, including mild, moderate, and severe.

The research and development of a vaccine, he said, is not a matter of competition between China and the United States. The contagion has also battered the world economy with the International Monetary Fund saying that the global economy, which was in a sluggish recovery even before the coronavirus outbreak, is now bound to suffer a "severe recession" in 2020.

Dr Gao added that the "emergency vaccine", which would be in its second or third phase of clinical trials, could be used on medical workers before the general population.

The US only has three human trials in the works, testing vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer, and Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

The keywords are - "When a Chinese vaccine is ready".

Last month, China was reported promising US$2 billion aid to other countries cope with the pandemic after-effects over the next two years.

Other highlights of the report included that China boasted a cure rate of 94.3 percent as its death toll stood at 4,634 out of a total of 83,017 confirmed patients, as of the end of May.

China is now developing COVID-19 vaccines in five categories - inactivated vaccines, recombinant protein vaccines, live attenuated influenza vaccines, adenovirus vaccines, and nucleic acid-based vaccines, Wang noted.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, has taken personal command, planned the response, overseen the general situation and acted decisively, pointing the way forward in the fight against the epidemic, the white paper said.

The evidence so far points to the contrary.