Absentee deadline is extended until June 23 election day

Wednesday, 10 Jun, 2020

"We didn't just flatten the curve - we crushed it". That will happen. When we begin Phase 1 in New York City, remember that New York City had the highest number of cases.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo dropped two big pieces of education news Sunday as he extended the ballot deadline in school elections and enabled outdoor high school graduation ceremonies of up to 150 people.

The novel coronavirus has hard-hit NY and the state's economic health has deteriorated, and it faces a hard and painful recovery without significant help from the federal government, according to the Voice of America (VOA).

The governor announced that the state's places of worship will be permitted to reopen with 25 percent occupancy during phase two of reopening, and visitors must follow social distancing protocols.

The state has reported 377,316 COVID-19 cases and 30,280 deaths.

Last month, the New York Stock Exchange partially reopened for business with a requirement that its employees and visitors avoid public transit.

The proposed NY policing overhaul also includes making officers' disciplinary records publicly available, as those of other government employees are, Cuomo said.

Absentee deadline is extended until June 23 election day
Absentee deadline is extended until June 23 election day

In addition to curbside retail pickup, construction, and manufacturing, some "agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting" businesses may also resume, per the state's guidelines, though they may be somewhat limited given it's New York City.

In the worst moments of the pandemic, NY - one of the great epicenters of the disease - registered around 800 deaths a day.

The virus killed 45 people in the state on Saturday, up slightly from 35 on Friday but down from a peak of more than 700 per day in April.

Cuomo said he and legislative leaders reached agreement over the weekend on a package of bills created to curb police abuses, including one banning officers from using the so-called chokehold on suspects. This is a record low since this crisis began.

New York City has brought an early end to the 8 p.m. curfew order that was issued last week as the city was grappling with looting and violence that marred the massive but largely peaceful protests sparked by the death of George Floyd. As a result of we had every day a greater and higher scenario, increasingly peaceable protesters popping out, higher scenario total every day, fewer arrests, I made the choice to finish the curfew.

Before the video call ended, Cuomo told Penn, "Let me know when you come east, I owe you a meal", to which Penn responded, "I'll take it".