Donald Trump accuses 75-year-old man of staging violent police encounter

Thursday, 11 Jun, 2020

Mr. Gugino was injured after he approached police during a demonstration in Niagara Square. The officers have been suspended without pay and an internal affairs investigation was launched into the men. Blood could be seen coming out of his right ear.

Online, President Donald Trump has postured aggressively against the protests raging across America, tweeting such bold phrases like "Law & Order" and "Law & Order" and "Law & Order".

Officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault after they were caught on camera shoving Martin Gugino to the ground during protests in the city over the death of George Floyd.

The OAN segment cited by Trump baselessly claimed that Gugino appeared "to use a police tracker" on his phone and that his injury was the result of a "false flag provocation by far-left group Antifa". "So, that's what the president did to that poor 75-year-old man who's already been through so much already". Trump asked on his massively followed Twitter account.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he was "disgusted" by Trump's tweet and urged the president to apologise.

Trump has always been a fan of weird conspiracy theories, notably his extensive promotion of the fiction that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and therefore shouldn't have been president.

Now, the president is trying to paint the man as antifa, without any evidence.

Congressman Tom Reed, during his weekly conference call, told reporters he has seen no evidence of any affiliation with Antifa by Gugino.

Mayor Byron Brown, in response to the president's tweet, issued the following statement: "The City of Buffalo is focused on healing after several days and nights of calm and constructive meetings and protests about how we take action to achieve racial equity and a good future for our residents and community".

My Dad used to say there's no greater sin than the abuse of power.

Besides the phony nature of OAN's report, the actual video of the incident clearly shows the two officers, who have since been charged with assault, pushing Gugino to the ground unprovoked and walking past him as he lay bleeding.

A total of 57 officers resigned from the emergency team, the entirety of it, who refused to admit that their colleagues had done anything wrong.

Gugino was later identified as an activist and a member of the Western New York Peace Center, The New York Times reported.

Gugino was later revealed to be a peace activist and volunteer at a Catholic organisation.

After becoming the Republican nominee, Trump offered no apology for his part in leading the so-called birther movement. As one of Gugino's friends told The Buffalo News, "He's a gentle person who really believes that he must stand up for what he thinks is right".