Android 11 beta now available for download: How to install

Saturday, 13 Jun, 2020

According to a statement provided to Ausdroid by OPPO they will be unveiling not just a pure Android 11 Beta for the Find X2 Pro but instead a ColorOS version of Android 11 Beta. It's packed with a bunch of handy features so let's deep dive into these to get you excited.

The biggest highlight of Android 11 features is giving users more control for app permissions.

Google has added a bunch of new handsets to the list of supported phones. Once you have the app up and running, youll need to head over to the Experiments tab in the settings where you should see a “Play on this device” option.

Whether you've downloaded Android 11 via the notification or through a manual System Update, it'll take some time to install.

Like other Android releases, Android 11 does borrow some inspiration from the iPhone when it comes to a few features.

Android 11 will also block access to the users' app usage information until the device is unlocked for the first time after it restarts or the users switch to their accounts.

GIF Google
GIF Google

Google released the first stable beta of Android 11 - the next major version of Android yesterday after initial delays.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, he said that Apple was introducing "three revolutionary products", "a widescreen iPod with touch controls", "a revolutionary mobile phone", and "a breakthrough Internet communications device".

The Android 11 Beta is live and available to download as of today, revealing refreshed conversation tools, improved notification menu and several more upgrades over the Android 10 operating system now found in a number of new and flagship smartphones. According to the images, it creates a dedicated space for you to control smart lights, smart locks and smart home appliances as well as host your credit cards and flight bookings. In short, it won't be great to use for your main device.

With Android 11, Google has brought in some key enhancements to existing features which were not only much-needed but also quirky.

With one-time permissions you can grant apps access to your microphone, camera or location, just that one time. "You may also encounter issues restoring a backup". This changes in Android 11 wherein the tiny tweak will not interrupt your music playing experience on a Bluetooth headset or a speaker which is connected to your smartphone. The application needs to request related permissions again when it needs to be accessed next time. You will then receive a software update that can be downloaded and installed by going to Settings System Advanced System update. This can be any Pixel phone from 2 to 4XL. Well, sort of. It's now in public beta, but only available to owners of the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4 or any of their XL flavors. We would recommend you not to install it on your primary Android smartphone.