Google Meet video conference service coming soon to Gmail for Android, iOS

Friday, 19 Jun, 2020

The company is now bringing Google Meet to its own tab in the Gmail app for Android and iOS. As such the company has decided to make it easier for mobile users to join or start meetings.

You can join meetings in Gmail by tapping the Meet link in Google Calendar or through a Meet link that might get shared with you through Gmail, Google Chat, or a third party application.

This means users can join or start video meetings directly from Gmail and won't have to install the Meet app on their phone. With the new feature, users will be able to do the whole process in a single platform, starting from the creation of a link to the completion of a meeting. Google Meet will exist within the Gmail app as a separate bottom tab. For these folk, there is good news - it will be possible to disable it in the settings for the Gmail app if you prefer. As such, the likes of Zoom, Google Meet and so on have become nearly household names. Earlier, there was a feature of video call and G Suite, but now the feature is available free to use within the Google Meet app. Google Meet may have just nudged its way to the top by announcing it will now be available on smartphones through Gmail.

If you're not a regular user, you can also turn this tab off. However, the company said that it won't enforce this restriction until 30 September this year.

Meet is now integrated into Gmail on smartphones. This new mobile integration is the latest attempt to go head-to-head with Zoom, the video conferencing app that has soared in popularity during the stay at the home era.

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