Ghislaine Maxwell denied bail in Epstein case

Среда, 15 Июл, 2020

But prosecutors said Maxwell played an "essential role" in the sexual exploitation of young girls - and added that the victims have provided "detailed, credible" evidence of the alleged illegal conduct. She has denied any wrongdoing. Since the allegations emerged, Maxwell and her legal team have stated they "vigorously denies the charges" and she's "entitled to the presumption of innocence".

Ms Maxwell is the daughter of late British media mogul Robert Maxwell.

In the Monday filing, prosecutors said her proposal for home confinement, Global Positioning System tracking, and a $5 million bond secured, in part, with a property in the United Kingdom, is worth "nothing". They say it's barred by Epstein's 2007 non-prosecution agreement with the U.S. Justice Department, which covers "any potential co-conspirators".

"She felt in the 90s when her father died that Prince Andrew was there for her".

"Because there is no set of conditions short of incarceration that can reasonably assure the defendant's appearance, the government urges the court to detain her", prosecutors said in a filing in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

During the hearing Ms Maxwell was accused by women of enabling their abuse, they also gave statements denouncing what they alleged were her "heinous" crimes.

Maxwell's lawyers contended that she did not go into hiding after Epstein's arrest last July.

In the new pretrial filing, federal prosecutors allege that when FBI agents directed Maxwell to open the door to the house on the 156-acre estate on the morning of her arrest, Maxwell tried to "flee to another room in the house, quickly shutting a door behind her". Prosecutors, he said, are "trying to spin the facts to make my client look sinister".

The defense is proposing terms of release including a $5 million bond co-signed by "six financially responsible people" and secured "by real property in the United Kingdom" worth more than $3.75 million; the surrender of all of Maxwell's travel documents; and home confinement in the Southern District of NY with Global Positioning System monitoring, among other conditions, legal filings show.

More details surrounding the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein's former associate have been revealed after Maxwell was arrested earlier this month in New Hampshire.

She also said she would surrender her passports and limit travel to the Southern and Eastern Districts of NY.

Prosecutors made the revelation in court papers as they argued there is no reason to free British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell on bail.

"This was not a single incident, a single victim, or anything isolated", they also said.

"She has the ability to live off the grid indefinitely", Moe said, citing Maxwell's access to millions of dollars and the scant information about her finances provided by her lawyers.

"She seems to be proficient in the home in hiding", the prosecution said.