Hong Kong: Opposition primaries draw thousands despite security law fears

Среда, 15 Июл, 2020

However, mood among the opposition rose sharply on Monday, after organizers said some 600,000 votes were cast in the primary election.

Sahakyan criticized some USA politicians' interference in Hong Kong affairs, saying they have been doing so to divert public attention from protests against racism and police brutality in US cites and Washington's mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hong Kong's national security law, which affects very few citizens, will completely respect Hong Kong 's autonomous authority and the final decision and will guarantee the fundamental rights and independence of the residents. It has seen heightened interest from a spate of candidates across the political spectrum - from traditional democrats to more radical, so-called "localists" - after Hong Kong's historic protest movement previous year generated a surge of support for those looking to challenge pro-establishment candidates. But they dropped the idea after advocates could not gather enough support, with those against the move concerned that it would be hard to implement and could end up hurting the US, according to one of the people.

The opposition camp is hoping to seize a historic the greater part in the parliament, as a result of cautious coordination to avoid splitting the pro-democracy vote, and in creating headway in the functional constituencies, seats preferred by business and skilled groups which variety half of the legislature. Another said the office was predicting over 200,000.

Lam told reporters that if the democrats' aim to gain a legislative majority was to obstruct government policies, "then it may fall into the category of subverting the state power". Removing the central government from that equation but maintaining the powers of the chief executive was not democracy, Leung said.

However, representatives of the democratic front fear that the local government, under pressure from the Chinese government, will decide to disqualify the democratic candidates.

Talking to the South China Morning Write-up, one girl, who moved from China to the city 20 yrs in the past, claimed she took aspect in the vote since she feared "Hong Kong will become just like the mainland 1 working day".

The outcome did not eliminate incumbents, but age appeared to play an important factor.

Mr. Maas continued: "This has to have an impact on arms exports, including on dual-use goods.We want to also address the question of how to facilitate the travel of Hong Kong Chinese to Europe and how to further support the work of scientists, researchers, journalists and artists who have problems there, with scholarship programs and facilitated entry".

On the other hand, two-term legislator Helena Wong Pik-wan and veteran politician Leung Kwok-hung, popularly known as "Long Hair", both in their 60s, were unable to garner enough popular support and fell short of the threshold to be on the ballot. The organization he chairs hosted a commemoration event on Monday for Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate who died under custody in China three years ago.

Lee himself stood in court earlier on Monday. Outlets and dining establishments that had been vocal supporters of the anti-governing administration protest movement could be observed hastily eradicating posters, for dread of remaining prosecuted under the new law.

European Union officials have in recent weeks said they could look at steps that would affect Hong Kong's status as a major financial center and gateway to trade with China.