Face masks to be mandatory in shops in England

Четверг, 16 Июл, 2020

"There is growing evidence that face coverings can stop the spread of coronavirus and I would urge residents to play their part and wear a face covering when out and about".

From July 24, people will be expected to wear a face mask or covering when out at the supermarket, or enjoying some retail therapy.

"I do struggle to understand the difference in England between a shop and a pub or a restaurant, where people will be sitting face to face less than one metre talking".

He said: "The reason for that is when you are in close proximity with somebody who you have to work closely with, if you are there for a long time then a mask does not offer that protection, as opposed to a shop or public transport when you are with someone for a reasonable amount of time".

Face masks will be mandatory in all shops from July 24 - people who ignore the rules will be handed £100 fines, Mr Hancock confirmed yesterday.

As is the case on public transport, children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also backed the new measures, saying the evidence from experts showed it could make a "massive difference" in helping tackle coronavirus.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who in April spent a week in the hospital being treated for COVID-19, began wearing a bright blue mask in public last week.

Workers will not be ordered to wear face masks in offices, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed.

According to John Apter of the Police Federation, shopworkers should make wearing a mask a "condition of entry".

Mr Gething said: "There will be a range of people who won't be able and shouldn't wear a face covering". In addition to having ear loops, the mask has an elastic strap along the back, which reduces the pressure on the ear straps, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

"There are inconsistencies everywhere and one of the inconsistencies that I need to understand in terms of what England is deciding to do is, how they distinguish between the risk to somebody in a shop".

'Both of these can be done by the use of face coverings.

Opposition parties have also accused the government of dithering and asked why the policy is being delayed until July 24.

What about surgical face masks and visors?

She said: "Clear communication is so important, more so now than ever before, so whether you are for or against wearing a face mask, I think this news is welcome as it provides clarity to everyone after days of mixed messages which has created uncertainty and angst". You may find these easier to put on and take off, and can wipe them down easily after each use.

What can be used as a face covering?

"We all know that local businesses could do with all the help they can get and this is an added encumbrance which will drive people to buy online". In a confined space what you're doing is you're protecting other people from the transmission that you might be giving to other people.