Russia Claims Successful Trials of COVID Vaccine. What's The Truth?

Четверг, 16 Июл, 2020

Those early volunteers developed what are called neutralizing antibodies in their bloodstream - molecules key to blocking infection - at levels comparable to those found in people who survived COVID-19, the research team reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

However, more than half of the participants reported fatigue, headache, chills, myalgia or pain at the injection site.

The race to find a cure for virus has been taking place in several countries with the World Health Organization having listed 21 potential vaccines.

"We think there is a good probability Moderna's vaccine will work and get at least emergency use authorization in 2021", Yee wrote.

According to the Institute of Medical Parasitology, Tropical and Vector-Borne Diseases at Sechenov University, the study and trials focussed on the vaccine's safety for human health, which was successfully done. "That's why we're very pleased by the results".

Following the news, Moderna's shares jumped more than 15 per cent. Moderna is backed by the U.S. government with almost half a billion dollars.

The company's stock price has more than tripled this year based on investor hopes for its coronavirus vaccine.

The vaccine, mRNA-1273, uses a technology that has not yet yielded an approved product. Sure enough, the vaccine provided a hoped-for immune boost.

Because the number of volunteers participating in Sechenov University's research was less than 40, progress only means the vaccine has cleared phase 1 of a total of three clinical trial stages.

Three of 14 patients given the highest dose of the vaccine experienced severe side effects, but that dose is not being used in larger trials, Bloomberg said. One of these had a fever of 103.28 Fahrenheit (39.6 C). Moderna also plans to start its late-stage trial this month.

According to the Sechenov University Center For Clinical Research on Medications chief researcher Elena Smolyarchuk, human trials were now "completed" after 20 patients volunteered and were quarantined for 28 days. This drug developed antibodies to rust from Covid-19 within everyone.

The production of 10,000 doses for the vaccine trials will start next week.

Moderna's vaccine, developed by researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was the first coronavirus vaccine to be tested in humans, and the company announced on Tuesday that large Phase 3 tests of it would begin on July 27, involving 30,000 people.

"Efficiency and immunogenicity (generation of immune response)" is tested in phase two of trials.