U.S. firm Moderna's coronavirus vaccine shows promising results in early clinical trial

Пятница, 17 Июл, 2020

The much-awaited COVID-19 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford has raised hopes after Phase one human trials showed some encouraging trends.

Fauci has said that the United States is now producing the top vaccine candidates with the hopes of distributing them when they are cleared for use by the FDA.

David Carpenter, chairman of the Berkshire Research Ethics Committee said the vaccine was "absolutely on track"- and could be widely available as close as September.

The method is not new and has been used for developing vaccines for seasonal flu, typhoid, malaria and cholera, among others. A total of 23 of them are now in human trials.

However, the source cautioned that the results, while "extremely promising", did not yet prove that the Oxford vaccine provides long-lasting immunity against the deadly virus. "This is how we will help ensure that any vaccine that is developed will be relevant for those who could benefit most from it".

Phase II trials examine how well the vaccine works in creating an immune response within volunteers, and last up to a year.

The company plans to create 500 million doses of the vaccine by next year, the Daily News reported. Here, researchers see if the vaccine triggers a desired immune response in humans, and find out the right dosage to needed for the response.

After the successful phase-III trials, it takes months to reach the general public as it requires a few rounds of regulatory and administrative approvals.

She said: "Certainly in terms of how advanced they are, [and] the stage at which they are, they are I think probably the leading candidate".

Peston said in a blog post: "I am hearing there will be positive news soon (perhaps tomorrow) on initial trials of the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine that is backed by AstraZeneca".

For an example of what to expect if you're accepted into one of these trials, the first late-stage vaccine trial will randomly assign half its 30,000 volunteers the vaccine made by the biotechnology company, Moderna, while the other half will receive placebos.

"The two candidates have got their sites ready and they are doing their clinical study on approximately 1,000 human volunteers, each at different sites", Balram Bhargava, the director-general of the ICMR, said in a press briefing.