Vikings give players dates for training camp start as questions loom

Вторник, 21 Июл, 2020

As the hashtag started to make noise on Twitter, fans joined in with messages of support for the players and suggestions as to how the National Football League might keep players safe from COVID-19.

As some players have mentioned in their posts, we still don't know if any preseason games will be played this year.

Along with that reasoning, Russell's wife, Ciara, is now pregnant with their second child.

"I am concerned. My wife is pregnant". "My wife is pregnant". The call did little to calm the concerns of the players about the upcoming season, especially with the start of training camps so close. We need to know that the @NFL is doing everything in its power to ensure the health and safety of the players. "We want to play football but we also want to protect our loved ones #WeWantToPlay".

On of the more widely shared tweets, from Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, offers some specifics on how exactly the league is failing its players.

The agreement reflects a compromise between the players, who had been pushing for daily testing as a condition of return to work, and the owners, who had proposed testing every other day.

The NFL Players Association has accused the league of disregarding expert recommendations for safety measures and asked to eliminate preseason games. A player who is positive and shows symptoms has to sit out at least 10 days, but may only have to miss one game.

The Chiefs and Texans, who open up camp first with their rookies reporting Monday, got their IDER plans in on Friday.

Efforts for the return of the National Football League have been put in place. All players are scheduled to arrive at camp by Tuesday, July 28.

The NFL has never really seemed to care all that much about the safety of its players but this is taking things to a whole new level and Roger Goodell should be embarrassed yet again by how his league continues to stumble through very serious situations.

The NFL cut the preseason schedule from four games to two, but the NFLPA Board of Player Representatives voted in favor of not having any preseason games, and the difference has not been resolved 25 days before the scheduled preseason kickoff.