'folklore' by Taylor Swift sells over 1.3 million copies in 24 hours

Monday, 27 Jul, 2020

According to Swift's new label, Republic Records, Folklore sold over 1.3 million copies globally in less than 24 hours.

Instead, Taylor began this album with a surprise, tweeting on the 23 July that "tonight at midnight I'll be releasing my 8th studio album, folklore; an entire brand new album of songs I've poured all of my whims, dreams, fears, and musings into".

The singer's name became a top hashtag trend on Twitter as fans expressed their views about Folklore. The only person who isn't happy to listen to a zeitgeisty album like this is Kanye, looking out on Wyoming mountains while fuming that Taylor pulled a Price Is Right dollar-over bid by releasing her record hours before "DONDA" was supposed to drop but obviously wasn't going to.

"This just made me GRIN, you're the greatest", the singer commented on her post, which has already been liked by over 191,000 fans, including good friend Jennifer Aniston. If 2017's Reputation was a look at her darkest, most vengeful core and last year's bubbly Lover was her brightly-colored piñata of daydreams and a fresh outlook on love, folklore is a slow walk alongside her realest, most authentic self. Harkness, a real historical figure, was a famed socialite and patron of the arts in her time who died young, her reputation gone up in smoke - a fate Swift herself was partially facing a few years ago.

He stated:"I have an eight-year-old daughter and one day she asked me".

Now I love All Star and I'm A Believer as much as the next guy, the Shrek soundtracks were absolute bangers and deserve our respect.

Swift's followers have also started speculating about the identity of the mysterious co-writer she thanked when detailing her collaborators on Folklore. "I don't go to a tanning bed, and I get bored when I lay out". "The worst thing that I ever did was what I did to you".

Despite the fact that Taylor is most well known as a pop star, the new album is actually categorized as alternative on iTunes. "Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carole King", Swift "reminds us once again that she's the most gifted songwriter in music today", writes Patrick Ryan at USA Today.

As fans are enjoying the surprise album and hosting virtual listening parties, they can't help but get emotional over the song which is a blend of piano and instrumentals.

A project created in isolation, Folklore finds Swift pouring each and every inch of her present psyche, amidst an imperfect actuality, into her songwriting. The other two songs in this trilogy include "cardigan" and "august".