Prince Harry’s Private Instagram Account Revealed?!

Tuesday, 28 Jul, 2020

The couple were also reportedly unhappy with the way Meghan was treated by Buckingham Palace staff. The book includes reporting and interviews with sources close to the royal family and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and it's given the clearest picture yet of why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose to step down from the royal family, along with what Meghan and Kate's relationship is actually like.

Prince Harry was left angry at the start of his relationship with Meghan after his brother William referred to her as "this girl".

The book's authors, journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, are said to have had access to more than 100 people for the book that has been billed as presenting the Sussexes' side of the story.

They said: "He knew Meghan was right for him".

"As their popularity had grown, so did Harry and Meghan's difficulty in understanding why so few inside the palace were looking out for their interests".

"The official line from the Sussexes is that Harry and Meghan didn't collaborate with this book", said Roya Nikkhah, royal correspondent for London's Sunday Times.

Though there was no real rift between them, as tabloids claimed numerous times, they didn't share much in common nor did they know each other that well.

"Almost immediately they were nearly obsessed with each other", a friend said, according to the excerpt. "But it was in fact Harry's private account", they continued.

Meghan hasn't spoken to her father - who confessed to staging paparazzi photographs ahead of her nuptials - since before the wedding. But that gesture was not a sign of acceptance, according to the book.

Over the weekend, The Sunday Times reported that Middleton, who is Wednesday to Prince Harry's older sibling Prince William, didn't quickly roll out the red carpet for her brand-new sister-in-law.

"Another told an aide, 'She comes with a lot of baggage.' And a high-ranking courtier was overheard telling a colleague, 'There's just something about her I don't trust'".

It says they made the final decision while in Canada and again sought a meeting with Harry's grandmother, but were told she would not be available until the end of January 2020.

While the foursome, formerly dubbed the "Fab Four" seemed amicable, royal watchers spoke widely of supposed tension between the couples.

The royal family has not issued a statement in response to the book. This included Kate personally cooking Meghan vegan meals during a visit to their home at Anmer Hall.

Of course, it's important to remember that none of this came from Harry or Meghan themselves. and none of the actual royals have publicly confirmed or denied the details and stories included in this book. That prospect appears even more unlikely now. Let us know (below) in the comments! "And I think that hurt is only going to be exacerbated and deepened on publication of this book". Meghan also chimed in and revealed that at the time, they were have "a cozy night" in and "were just roasting chicken" before Prince Harry gave her an "amazing surprise".