European Union restricts exports to Hong Kong over China security law

Thursday, 30 Jul, 2020

Australia's "Five Eyes" intelligence partners New Zealand, Canada, and Britain have also suspended their extradition treaties with Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, new reported cases in mainland China have hit levels last seen in April, prompting fears the virus could be making a resurgence there. New Zealand had earlier joined the allies in suspending its extradition pact with the city.

"China has made a decision to suspend extradition treaties between Hong Kong and Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, as well as criminal justice cooperation agreements".

China has accused the countries of interfering in its internal affairs and defended the security law as crucial to restore order in Hong Kong following a wave of pro-democracy protests marred by violence. China has repeatedly denounced such comments by the US and its allies as an inappropriate interference in its internal affairs.

Although Hong Kong still has relatively few cases, now all those who test positive are treated in isolation wards, which are fast filling up.

Beijing is suspending Hong Kong's crime agreements with Britain, Canada and Australia, China's foreign ministry says, because they are "politicizing judicial cooperation" by halting their extradition treaties with Hong Kong.

For his part, Raab said his country has always appreciated the importance of China. In general, cases will be tried in Hong Kong, but the law allows for mainland jurisdiction in some circumstances.

The suspension of the extradition treaty was a proportionate and deliberate response to Beijing's actions, Peters said.

"The New Zealand government's decision is a serious violation of global law and basic norms governing worldwide relations", the embassy said in a statement.

The law punishes crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison.

The woman said flying into Hong Kong from New Zealand arouses suspicion to the point her and her friends delete Chinese phone apps and take burner phones - a cheap, disposable phone - into the country.

Hong Kong reported over 1,000 new infections since early July, which can be more than 40% of their overall since the virus first struck on the town in late January.

After Tai's ouster, China's Liaison Office in Hong Kong issued statement praising the move as a "righteous act that aligns with the wishes of the people".

The advance readings showed consumption and investment remained weak in the second quarter, though activity likely drew some support from a strong bounce in China's economy and from the Hong Kong government's stimulus measures.