17th Marlins player tests positive for coronavirus

Friday, 31 Jul, 2020

Days after playing a Miami Marlins team with individuals who tested positive for COVID-19, the Philadelphia Phillies have coronavirus cases within their own ranks. On Thursday, the team announced two positive tests - one from a coach and the other from a staffer. The Marlins and Phillies have been shut down since the teams played each other last Sunday - at the time, the Marlins had four known positive tests - and there is no immediate information about when either team might play again. The Phillies' series against the Toronto Blue Jays in Philadelphia scheduled for this weekend has also been postponed, Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo told reporters Thursday.

The team noted that no players tested positive.

Four more Marlins reportedly tested positive Tuesday.

Marlins games are now postponed until Monday as the team deals with the outbreak. If any team were to suddenly have 15 players become unavailable, including their starting catcher, first baseman, shortstop and right fielder and most experienced starting pitcher, they would all be hard-pressed to have enough major league-caliber players at their disposal. They are also waiting to see how much next week's schedule is changed.

Major League Baseball said that among more than 6,400 tests conducted since Friday, there were no new positives of on-field personnel from any of the other 29 teams. We are confident that Clubs and players will act appropriately, for themselves and for others, and the data provides reason to believe that the protocols can work effectively. Even if the Phillies continue not to have any positive tests, they wouldn't put themselves in a situation that could potentially risk their health, would they? But the Blue Jays will not travel to Philadelphia to play this weekend.

The Marlins underwent another round of tests Tuesday morning. Seven more positive tests were reported Monday following the game. The Marlins' personnel who tested positive remain in isolation and are receiving care. But when it comes to the coronavirus, the incubation period can be anywhere from two to 10 days.

Marlins players, who are quarantining in their hotel rooms, face challenges with staying in shape. Postponed for the second consecutive day were the Marlins' home game against Baltimore, as well as the New York Yankees' game at Philadelphia, a person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press.

"Thank God I feel a little better", he said.

If they're not, and the Marlins have to dig deep into their player pool, the overwhelming opinion is Manfred's words about maintaining competitive integrity will ring hollow.