Greek Australian among the eight new deaths recorded in Victoria on Friday

Saturday, 01 Aug, 2020

Some experts have expressed shock and concern after it was revealed Victoria recorded a new record-high day of 723 coronavirus cases today. Worryingly, deaths are also growing as the outbreak has spread to aged-care homes.

Ninety cases are linked to Epping Gardens Aged Care in Epping and 81 infections are associated with Kirkbrae Presbyterian Homes in Kilsyth.

"I am saddened to have to report that the total number of people who have died because of this global pandemic in Victoria is now 105", said Victoria state premier Daniel Andrews.

The total number of confirmed cases in Australia as of Friday noon was 16,905, said Kidd in the update.

"The other issue around targeted testing, where there's been significant outbreaks, the more outbreaks you have, the more testing you do, and you will find cases".

People continuing to move about in the community when they have symptoms or when they've been diagnosed with COVID-19 means new cases are likely to keep coming.

The Victorian state capital, Melbourne, was placed into a six-week lockdown for a second time earlier this month.

He also extended social distancing restrictions, with residents in communities southwest of Melbourne no longer allowed to have visitors to their homes from late Thursday. "Maybe we should go into a harsher lockdown and get this done and move on". "And as a result the further measures that are taken are certainly necessary", Mr Morrison said. "They will come at an impact to the economy".

Earlier this month, Victoria told almost five million people around Melbourne, the country's second-most-populous city, to wear masks outside and stay home except for essential trips.

But data showed family and friends visiting households and this was driving up infection rates.

In one incident, three women - two of which have since tested positive for the virus - now face hefty fines and up to five years in prison after allegedly lying to border authorities about travelling from Victoria to Queensland, police said.

'There's been finicking around, frankly, trying to sort of slowly add little bits and pieces when what we really need is a complete shutdown of this, ' he told Sky News.

MS is continuing to see a sharp increase in reported cases of the virus, and Gov. Tate Reeves says he will put eight more counties under restrictions that include mandatory masks in public.

"It is clear to all of us that these numbers are still far too high", Premier Daniel Andrews told a media conference.

Without a drop in infections, it was an "absolute certainty" that any rollback of restrictions would see cases spiral out of control, he said.

The latest fatalities are two men in their 50s, two men aged in their 70s, three men in their 80s and one woman in her 70s.

Mexico's health ministry posted 639 new deaths from the virus bringing the country's toll to 46,000.