Biden Not Smart Enough To Negotiate With Russia And China

Wednesday, 16 Sep, 2020

Jadan Horyn told former presidents of the United States have historically opted not to wade back into the political landscape.

"The soul of America is at stake in this election".

After wrapping up a briefing on the wildfires in California Monday, the President traveled on Air Force One to the Grand Canyon State.

Later Sunday night, he is arranged to hold a rally in Henderson, Nevada. The majority opted not to wear their masks during the event.

According to the White House's own recommendations, gatherings in "red zone" counties, like Clark County, where Henderson is, should be limited to 10 people or fewer.

Just before Trump took the stage, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) unleashed on the president in a vicious Twitter tirade calling him "reckless and selfish", for putting "countless lives in danger".

Reiner appeared to justify the large gatherings of protesters and rioters when he responded to Messerly: "Apparently Trump's campaign believes that since there were riots this summer it's only fair that the president be allowed to kill some of his supporters by exposing them to superspreader events".

Trump has knocked Biden for doing fewer events and traveling less than he in the run-up to the November 3 election.

No social distancing and few masks as crowd waits for Trump rally in Nevada
Joe Biden Makes An Appeal To MI Voters In Virtual Rally

'This is supposed to be a roundtable but it looks like a rally, ' he told the crowd.

Meanwhile, democrats are blasting Trump for holding in-person events amid COVID-19 and for his handling of the pandemic. "And he said the job is to protect the people". 'The've been protected the entire time. The rally itself will be held on the tarmac of the general aviation field. Neither state caps attendance on outdoor events.

The Trump team is focusing on the Silver State, which the president narrowly lost in 2016.

But health experts have stressed that people can still spread the virus even if they don't have symptoms, like a fever, which makes it all the more important to wear a mask.

Trump has made the case that if demonstrators can gather en masse for protests over racial injustice, so can his supporters. Dr. Jonathan Reiner said that if the campaign thinks that was safe, they should have had Trump shake hands with all in attendance.

During his remarks on Tuesday, Biden also raised eyebrows when he mistakenly confused Iran and Iraq when referring to fallen American soldiers.

Additionally, Trump himself admitted last week to artificially minimizing the pandemic, supposedly to prevent "panic". On March 19, Trump explained to Woodward he was doing so purposely.

"Kamala Harris lets the truth slip: 'a Harris administration together with Joe Biden, '" said the Donald J. Trump account on YouTube.