The Big Ten Finally Got it Right

Суббота, 19 Сен, 2020

Big Ten is going to give fall football a shot after all.

After the Big Ten announced Wednesday its 2020 slate will begin on the weekend of october 24, several Pac-12 football players asked the conference and various governors to allow them to play this fall. Gavin Newsom and Kate Brown in California and OR and their respective state health authorities, to several county health authorities also giving the go-ahead for Pac-12 schools to resume sports practices and games in light of the conference's securing of daily rapid antigen testing earlier this month.

Last month, Trump said he was working to get the NFL restarted "as long as they stand for our national anthem, as long as they honor our flag and our country". Franklin and athletic director Sandy Barbour have taken on their new weights voluntarily and enthusiastically. "That's all behind us. We're in such a stronger place today than on August 11", Day said. The conference is home to a number of battleground states in the November election, and Trump swifly applauded the move in a tweet.

In addition to daily testing, the 14 Big Ten institutions will establish a registry with players' cardiac data in an effort to examine the effects on COVID-19-positive students. Beekman said he does not anticipate this changing at all when the football season starts.

Team positivity rates and population positivity rate thresholds will be used to determine whether teams must halt practice or play.

Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart, was also among the concerns cited by the Big Ten in August.

"You're going to get a lot of college athletes with COVID-19 infections", Shahpar said, "and we don't know the long-term impact of that".

First-year Commissioner Kevin Warren was the main target, criticized for a lack of communication and not providing enough information to back the initial decision.

"Moving forward, it's complicated", Franklin said. "And so I take that from a positive standpoint".

But with the Big Ten announcing Wednesday that it will play an eight-game regular season beginning in October, Swinney is all for the league being included in the CFP. But there was no plan in place and the reaction was sharp.

But shortly after the Big Ten's announcement Wednesday, Freiermuth joined Franklin in an appearance on the Big Ten Network, where he announced he'd suit up for the Nittany Lions after all.

After all, if you're the Pac-12, can you really afford to be the only Power 5 school not playing in the fall?

That seemed to shift Wednesday afternoon when California Gov. Gavin Newsom said there is nothing to prevent the Pac-12 teams in his state from returning to athletic activities. So I don't think it'd have made it any less competitive.

Trump had since last month been publicly insisting the Big Ten kick off its football season, and he spoke with the conference's commissioner, Kevin Warren, on September 1, about the matter.

Until Thursday, Penn State - like other non-competing teams - was only allowed to practice 12 hours a week due to an NCAA rule.

According to the Big Ten's statement, more sports such as "men's and women's basketball, men's ice hockey, men's and women's swimming and diving, and wrestling" are expected to begin playing soon as well. It's thousands of mostly unknown people, forced to play at penalty of their futures.

"We have players that wear both face shields, the upper and new lower shield, as well as masks/neck gators during practice", he said. "And I'm sure at some point in time in the future we'll turn around and look back and we'll continually be proud of the work we've put together and the way we've worked together in a collaborative manner in the Big Ten Conference to get where we are today". The schedule comes with a twist. No. 2, No. 3 vs.

"So there's this question of, 'Do you play athletics with students when there are no students on campus?' That's a philosophical question that we're looking at".

Starting this summer, Michigan State has been releasing results of COVID tests done on their student athletes.