Woman accused of sending ricin letter arrested

Tuesday, 22 Sep, 2020

The arrest was also reported by multiple us media outlets.

In terms of suspects, a US official said there a possibility the package arrived from Canada.

A LETTER containing a deadly poison that was addressed to US President Donald Trump was intercepted by security officials this week, it has been revealed.

Charges are expected to be brought against her by United States prosecutors in Washington, D.C., reported CNN.

Two law enforcement sources told CNN that two tests were done to confirm the presence of ricin. A person familiar with the probe told CNN that the package was mailed from St. Hubert, Quebec and contained a granular substance with similar physical characteristics to ground castor beans.

The RCMP further stated that an Federal Bureau of Investigation analysis of a substance inside the envelope detected "the presence of ricin", a highly toxic agent derived from castor beans. There is no known antidote. The letter itself is believed to have originated in Canada, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but the suspect's citizenship has yet to be confirmed.

Di White House and oda federal buildings don be di target of ricin packages before.

Several envelopes addressed to the president as well as then-Secretary of Defense James Mattis and then-chief of naval operations, Adm. John Richardson were intercepted by the Secret Service in October 2018.

Dem discover di letter for one screening facility for White House mail early dis week, di officials tok.

Two men were sentenced to lengthy prison terms in 2014 for attempting to send then-President Barack Obama packages that were contaminated with ricin.