Coronavirus: Boris Johnson reveals new United Kingdom restrictions in speech to parliament

Среда, 23 Сен, 2020

This will be followed by an address live to the nation at 8pm.

What are the new rules on face masks?

Johnson on Tuesday announced a package of new restrictions, including a requirement for pubs, restaurants and other venues in England to close between 10 pm and 5 am.

No changes to the one metre-plus social distancing guidelines were announced in Parliament this lunchtime, suggesting that the vehicle retail sector's test drive activities should still be allowed in conjunction with personal protective equipment (PPE) face masks.

As well as the curfew, the PM also announced the introduction of tougher penalties for those who "brazenly defy" social distancing restrictions.

Justifying his decision, he told the Commons in a statement that late night drinking seemed to have had an effect on infection rates.

There is more bad news for those getting Wednesday, with a maximum of 15 people now allowed to attend weddings and ceremonies, but up to 30 can still attend a funeral.

What will the new measures mean for pubs, bars and restaurants? .

In a bid to slow the onslaught of a second wave of Covid-19, the UK Government has today announced a 10pm curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants.

According to last week's data, new COVID-19 cases are rising by at least 6,000 a day in Britain.

UK Hospitality (UKH) has described the planned introduction of a 10pm closure order and compulsory table service for on-site sales across England as "another crushing blow" to the beleaguered industry. Together with all hospitality venues, they must close at 10pm.

The Prime Minister's spokesman said that delaying the change until next week would spare thousands of couples due to tie the knot this weekend the pain of having to cancel at the last minute.

Johnson did not reduce the number of people who can gather indoors or out, which remains at six.

Businesses, especially in the hospitality, sports and arts sectors, said they urgently needed support, too.

Staff are advised to work from home if they can, despite a governmental advice issued earlier this month to head back to workplaces.

Gove told Sky News: "There is going to be a shift in emphasis and one of the things we are going to emphasise is that if it is possible for people to work from home, then we'd encourage them to do so".

What will the new measures mean for people working from home? . Julian Tang, a respiratory sciences specialist at Leicester University, said the move may appear "soft" but was preferable to another national lockdown - if everyone complied.

"We will ensure that businesses can stay open in a COVID-compliant way", he added. The prime minister said: "We must acknowledge that the spread of the virus is affecting our ability to reopen business conferences and exhibitions and large sporting events, we will not be able to do this from 1 October".

"The challenge therefore is to make sure the doubling time does not stay at seven days".

Six months takes us up to the end of March and all but the end of the Premier League season.

Boris Johnson has laid out the next series of coronavirus restrictions this afternoon, warning the United Kingdom is at a "perilous tipping point".