Serum Institute of India Starts Manufacturing Codagenix's Potential Covid-19 Vaccine

Среда, 23 Сен, 2020

GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, said Monday that 64 wealthy countries had joined the COVAX Facility, including Canada.

These agreements cover part of the upfront costs faced by vaccine producers, allowing investments to be made that might not otherwise have occurred, while also acting as a down-payment on the vaccines that will actually be purchased by member states.

Nine candidate vaccines are being supported by CEPI, eight of which are in clinical trials.

A statement released yesterday [September 21] by Gavi, the World Health Organization and the other coordinator of COVAX, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), shows that 156 economies, representing roughly 64% of the global population in total, are now either committed to or eligible for the COVAX facility.

The WHO chief said commitment agreements have been secured and the COVAX Facility would begin signing contracts with vaccine manufacturers and developers.

The alliance did not say which countries were only providing funding but not planning to take supply of vaccines from the scheme. Good Judgment, a company whose forecasters make predictions based on publicly available evidence, put the chances that a vaccine will be widely distributed in the United States by the end of March at 54%.

The Department of Health said it is now waiting for the clinical trial protocol for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine Sputnik V from Russian Federation before it starts its evaluation for the conduct of clinical trials in the Philippines.

Serum Institute will begin manufacturing for large-scale safety and efficacy studies as well as preparing to meet global vaccine supply requirements, said Codagenix.

No COVID-19 vaccine has yet been authorised in Europe, with clinical trials underway.

"This is a landmark moment in the history of public health with the worldwide community coming together to tackle this pandemic". The aim is to have 2 billion doses of vaccine available by end 2021.

"COVAX is now in business", said Gavi CEO Seth Berkley.

Middleton also called for no-fault compensation in all 27 European Union states for COVID-19 vaccines which would speed up resolution of legal disputes.

The commitment agreements secured also commit higher income governments to provide an upfront payment to reserve doses by October 9, 2020.

It's still unknown when a COVID-19 vaccine might be available in the U.S. But when one is first approved, there may only be 10 to 15 million doses available, which may be enough to cover around 3 to 5% of the U.S. population.

Canada has chosen to participate in both parts of the COVAX program.

Russia's Ministry of Health has not revealed how many people have been vaccinated in Russian Federation. "These mutations result in a live-attenuated vaccine that is non-pathogenic yet has the potential to stimulate a robust T cell and antibody immune response that mimics that of the wild-type virus", said Coleman.

Moscow About a month ago, Russian Federation surprised the world by registering the world's first corona virus vaccine. There are seven vaccines for which trials are being conducted - three of them developed in China. Despite China's uncertain status and the US declining to take part, the organizers are pressing ahead with their effort to protect the world from the fast-spreading virus as the death toll approaches 1 million. "We urge those countries who have not yet signed up to do so". We sink or we swim together ...

"Immunisation saves lives. Investing in immunisation infrastructure helps strengthen health systems".

"The pace of the development that we're seeing so far is unprecedented, and it's been incredibly encouraging how to see how quickly, but thoroughly, the process has been followed", he said.

And the vaccines pillar of this effort, the COVAX Facility (that includes several global organisations) helms the globally-coordinated vaccine rollout for the greatest possible impact.

"What that means is we're not just helping Australia, but we're helping the developing world - Asia, Africa, Latin America - countries and people who might otherwise not be able to access a vaccine, through the global buyer's club, the COVAX facility, will have access to vaccines", he said. "We must continue to work for equitable access to vaccines, tests and treatments". This is why it has raised nearly €16 billion since 4 May 2020 under the Coronavirus Global Response, the global action for universal access to tests, treatments and vaccines against coronavirus and for the global recovery.