Unfortunately, YouTube Is Cracking Down on ‘Picture in Picture’ in iOS 14

Среда, 23 Сен, 2020

Customizing your iPhone screen is becoming a sudden trend, as is a huge change for iPhone users who are just now able to experiment with their home screens in new ways - without rooting the device or running skins and launchers.

But the new app Widgetsmith takes widgets to a new level. Well, it's half aesthetics and half objective. You can then scroll through whatever size and design choices the app developer has offered by swiping to the right. If you certainly insist on building your dwelling display far more aesthetically pleasing, you could also only use Widgetsmiths to do some of the issues I have outlined and not consign on your own to any icon-relevant Shortcuts hell. It's truly up to you! You'll need to head over to the App Store and download a free app called Widgetsmith.

Based on this recent change in Safari, however, it's a safe bet that when YouTube finally does throw the switch to make it available in the YouTube app, you'll nearly certainly require a $12/month YouTube Premium subscription to take advantage of it - at least on the iPhone. Photo Widget: Simple lets users put their favorite pictures on the iPhone Home screen. Even so I had to find 21 separate icons to add onto my phone to create that custom lewk. As its name suggests, it emphasizes color options, along with fun fonts.

How to Add Custom Icons, Widgets to Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14
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Now you have customized apps on your phone.

While a third chimed in: "I updated to iOS 14 and the "back tap" feature is AMAZINNNNG 2 taps - to take a screen shot".

To set up your Widgets on your home screen, hold your finger over any app until the option to Edit Home Screen comes up. You can then open your iPhone's control center and see which app had the access to your camera or mic. If you just want to develop a joke monitor, you could merely down load Coloration Widgets and add a track record image. Choose to add a Small, Medium or Large Widget and one will appear. Tap Save when you're finished. Then, play around for a little while to get your home screen looking the way you want.