Canadian PM Trudeau promises 'ambitious' recovery plan

Thursday, 24 Sep, 2020

If the government loses that vote, it falls - and a general election is underway.

Opposition parties have criticised the plan, with the Conservatives saying it lacked a commitment to fiscal restraint.

"It simply is not a speech from the throne with much substance, most certainly any substance around supporting any of the industries that create wealth and build our communities in this province", Moe said. No words that said to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba ... It doesn't talk about agriculture.

"We must also be very vigilant for the future of our country".

In terms of building back better, the Canadian government will launch a campaign to create more than one million jobs and restore employment to previous levels.

Opposition Conservatives quickly panned the speech for failing to include more support for provinces on healthcare and measures to control government spending.

But the immediate goals of the government to restart the economy and support Canadians are matched by the need of the Liberals, who hold a minority of seats in the House of Commons, to stay in power. With the Conservatives ruling out their support, the Liberals will need the backing of either the Bloc Québécois or the NDP.

Trudeau implored Canadians to wear masks in public, get the flu shot this fall, and download the government's COVID Alert app that notifies users when they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

In order to address social inequalities laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday revealed a grand plan to create one million jobs during the recovery, while also extending emergency measures for the second wave of COVID-19.

He said the NDP would push for more support for Canadian workers who lost work due to the pandemic, and for paid sick leave.

Trevor Nichols is a Reporter with Huddle Today, an Acadia Broadcasting content sharing partner. "I don't want an election because I don't think that will help people".

"None of the priorities that we have put forward with respect to how we are going to recover the economy here in this province were addressed in this speech from the throne in any way", he said.

Taxing the rich and a handgun grab were also promised in a speech that barely touched on the West and didn't mention pipelines at all. The CERB pays out a maximum of $500 a week.

But he questioned Canada's status in the world under Trudeau.

The speech also says that the EI system will be reformed but does not say what that reform will look like. "This was not the first month I had planned", O'Toole said.

Johnston said the speech addressed many issues the Liberal have been wanting to take care of for quite some time.

Leading up to the speech, Ruff highlighted areas of importance to him, among them addressing beef processing backlogs in the beef processing and improvement to risk management in the ag sectors, improved rural broadband Internet for families working from home and children doing remote learning, and support for small businesses as well as the tourism and resource sectors. "It's clear neither the federal or provincial government has any plan for bringing Alberta out of recession and into recovery".

Canada is at a "crossroads" in the fight against a second surge of the infection, health officials said on Tuesday, when cases rose by 1,248 from the previous day.