President Trump declines to commit to peaceful transfer of power

Thursday, 24 Sep, 2020

He said that is why it is so urgent that a nominee to replace the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg be seated before the election.

"At the time, I said when India and the United States became close friends the world would be a much safer place". It wasn't the court that brought Thomas in.

Mr. Biden told donors on Tuesday evening that Ms. McCain's endorsement was coming "because of what (Trump) talks about how my son and John and others who are heroes, who served their country". After all, she was a survivor of two of the nastiest presidential races in American history.

The remarks were a continuation of Trump's years-long diatribe against Sen. Biden asked incredulously, adding: "I'm being facetious".

This will be the first debate in a presidential campaign season upended by a pandemic that has complicated plans to hold in-person voting, killed more than 200,000 Americans and thrown millions out of work. And they revealed the challenge ahead for both parties as they try to use the fight to their advantage.

McCain's endorsement comes almost a month after she contributed to a video that aired during the Democratic National Convention that detailed the friendship between her late husband and the Democratic presidential nominee.

It also comes as Democrats and Republicans prepare to clash as Trump said Tuesday he will announce his Supreme Court nominee on Saturday.

Along with former Assistant Attorney General Jack Goldsmith, Bauer is the author of a new book "After Trump: Reconstructing the Presidency", which offers a road map for how to reform the executive branch after Trump leaves office. The strategy that they have was just never-ending lockdowns.

The Supreme Court decided the 2000 presidential election by blocking another recount of the vote in Florida. "Encouraging supporters to vote twice".

"He supports the troops and knows what it means for someone who has served", McCain said.

Biden, Murthy said, is a man who generally meets with his values and those values are reliably centred around generosity and community. And unfortunately for the Democrats, they did not control the Senate.

Amy Coney Barrett: The betting favorite to fill this vacancy, Barrett, 48, a judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, was on the short list of nominees to fill Antonin Scalia's seat, which instead went to Neil Gorsuch. Since then, she's authored or participated in sound rulings on executive power, felon voting rights, and minimum wage laws among others.

"What I'd love to have is a crawler at the bottom of the screen, a fact checker, if we really wanted to do something", he said. Obama nominated Garland in March 2016. "You're going to need nine justices".

The latest ads are part of the former vice president's broader strategy to blanket the airwaves as Trump's campaign cuts back in certain states in the final sprint to Election Day in an attempt to rejigger its finances. "It is who he is", Murthy said. When I try, it's just a blank void. If I look up, I hope he's happy with what I'm doing and believes that I've done the right thing.

But long-time observers of the family, including myself, didn't expect Mrs. McCain to be so fulsome with her support for Biden. "But it won't make any difference".