Guterres calls for global solidarity

Saturday, 26 Sep, 2020

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China's United Nations ambassador, Zhang Jun, said China "resolutely rejects the baseless accusations against China".

"We must do everything to avoid a new Cold War", he said. Trump administration have cleared this point of view for not participating in the WHO-led coronavirus vaccine effort.

"If someone should be held accountable, it should be a few United States politicians themselves".

In the past few months, relations between the United States and China had deteriorated massively due to the corona pandemic.

"The virus will be defeated". On the contrary, it has seriously disrupted the joint efforts of the global community to fight the pandemic, he said.

But China's ambassador to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, told reporters that Trump's tone was "incompatible with the general atmosphere" of the world body. When human-to-human transmission was confirmed, China immediately made the resolute decision to shut all exit routes from Wuhan. "And I will not stand for it", he said.

"With the most advanced medical technologies and system in the world, why has the USA turned out to have the most confirmed cases and fatalities?"

The world is diverse in nature, and we should turn this diversity into a constant source of inspiration driving human advancement.

He said the global response is more and more fragmented, and "as countries go in different directions, the virus goes in every direction". The US is now holding the highest number of deaths from the pandemic. "What is the fundamental cause?" he asked.

Critics say Trump is trying to shift blame for his handling of Covid-19.

"Lies repeated a thousand times are still lies", he said.

The American president, a frequent critic of the United Nations, said if the organisation is to be effective it must focus on "the real problems of the world" such as "terrorism, the oppression of women, forced labour, drug trafficking, human and sex trafficking, religious persecution, and the ethnic cleansing of religious minorities".

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also took aim at China this week, saying the administration is in the process of determining how to label Beijing's repression of Uighur Muslims - as "crimes against humanity" or "genocide".

Mr Trump is not popular at the United Nations and his speech this year came at a time when members are pushing back against Washington.

At a General Assembly held nearly entirely virtually due to Covid-19, Trump delivered a speech in election campaign mode, while Chinese President Xi Jinping instead unveiled ambitious new targets to fight climate change. It should be a model in following worldwide law and fulfilling global obligations.

Fellow Max Abrahms of the Quincy Institute said the pandemic may, in principle, have fostered worldwide collaboration in an effort to minimize the common threat.

To be a good leader, one must promote worldwide cooperation. "At this moment the world needs more solidarity and cooperation, but not confrontation".

Xi reaffirmed his commitment that after the development of a vaccine is completed and it is put into use, China will make it a public good and contribute to its accessibility and affordability in developing countries.

"In the earliest days of the virus, China locked down travel domestically while allowing flights to leave China and infect the world", the president said.