China pushes emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine despite concerns

Sunday, 27 Sep, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic: Where are the global coronavirus hotspots?

This is by virtue of the country's accumulation in vaccine development ability, technology and experience over the years, Wang said. A preprint is not a peer-reviewed study, long considered the gold standard in medical research; however, some drugmakers developing vaccines and treatments are publishing clinical-trial findings on preprint servers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The fact that the trial will examine the efficacy of a single dose of the vaccine, instead of two doses, should expedite results, according to Dr. Paul Stoffels, Johnson & Johnson's chief scientific officer.

The WHO is continuing talks with China about its possible involvement in the COVAX financing scheme created to guarantee fast and equitable access globally to COVID-19 vaccines, a week after the deadline for committing passed.

The most recent case was in 2018, when Changsheng Biotechnology Co. came under investigation for falsifying records and making ineffective rabies vaccines for children. "We can start counting the results after 15 days, so the vaccine protects within 15 days".

The researchers found that as supply increases, vaccines that reduce or block infection - and thus transmission - in addition to preventing disease have a substantial greater impact than those that prevent disease alone, due to the indirect protection provided to high-risk groups. "We are not asking for an act of charity", said the Director-General of WHO.

The Maryland-based drugmaker will enroll at least 25% of participants over the age of 65 to prioritize groups it said were most affected by COVID-19, which includes racial and ethnic minorities.

On a per-capita basis, the United Kingdom has built the largest and most diversified vaccine portfolio, according to data from Deutsche Bank, having pre-ordered more than five doses per citizen spread across six leading vaccine candidates. In India, eight vaccine candidates have surfaced, out of which, two have reached the second phase of clinical trials.

A popular writer and columnist who has been given the vaccine said he had no reaction after the first dose. However, Bisi did not sell the fake vaccine to anyone so far, she said. Some of us are thrilled that a vaccine is around the corner, not because we would be anywhere near a location where they're giving them, but to quell the panic and government control that the disease has brought.