Amazon Reveals Luna Cloud Gaming Service

Понедельник, 28 Сен, 2020

Amazon has also partnered with Ubisoft to give the publisher its own dedicated gaming channel.

Amazon Luna will not provide individual titles in a subscription package. The main one will be Amazon's own, Luna+, which offers over 100 games for an introductory monthly price of $5.99. Luna is now available in early access exclusively in the USA on compatible Fire TV, PC, Mac, and iOS devices. When you open the Luna app or web page, it lets you play games immediately after selecting them. Amazon plans to add support for Android devices in the near future. Though Amazon and Apple have an existing sweetheart deal that allows Amazon to sell media directly on the App Store without the 30 per cent cut, so the exact nature of this arrangement is unclear.

Luna's 4K streaming will work on standard televisions, mobile or PC but is not yet licensed to run on game consoles.

Amazon on Thursday unveiled Luna streaming video game service, challenging Microsoft and Google in the fast-growing segment. "So definitely starting out a little bit smaller during early access".

Amazon is the latest tech company to offer a game streaming platform, and its new cloud gaming service Luna launches this week on an "invitation-only" basis. But the business model for Stadia has some notable differences. Subscribers will also be able to start playing a game on one device and seamlessly transition to playing on another. It will cost $5.99/month during the early access period. It has been a sleeping giant that many console manufacturers have been wary of waking. The company has been quietly amassing gaming talent for years, including several former Take-Two employees. We found the Destiny 2 and PUBG servers pretty empty back in May.

Amazon Luna's platform list is fairly impressive, though comes with a few obvious caveats... Access to the baseline Luna experience, Luna+, is $6 a month, and this channel will feature a broad selection of games from various developers. For instance, Twitch streams for games will show directly in Luna.

The coolest aspect of the service is the Luna controller.

This is not the first time we see amazon making its way to the gaming industry.

There's another thing you should know about Microsoft's cloud gaming service: it's now powered by Xbox One S hardware in Microsoft's data centers.

The service is invite-only at this point of time. It is pretty easy to use as it is very similar to Xbox controllers. You'll be playing with other Xbox players online as well. Under the bonnet you will find a new processor, with dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi supporting 5GHz networks.