Ontario Reaches Second Wave Of COVID-19

Среда, 30 Сен, 2020

Montreal and Quebec City are included in the "red zone" lockdown.

The provincial government has already reintroduced restrictions on the size of social gatherings across the province, as well as forcing bars and restaurants to stop serving alcohol at 12 a.m. "The number of cases is rising". "The actions our government is taking to protect our loved ones along with the critical investments we are making to strengthen the long-term care sector will ensure our homes are prepared for the second wave of COVID-19 and the upcoming flu season".

"We don't want to turn back a stage unless we absolutely have to, but if we have to we will, because the most important thing is the health and wellbeing of the people Ontario", said Elliott.

"Our health officials are telling us that Ontario is now in the second wave of COVID-19", he told reporters.

Ottawa follows Toronto at 106 infections, the city's highest daily increase yet.

Ontario reported that almost 60 percent of all new infections Monday were detected in people under the age of 40.

Yesterday, the province set a new record with 700 infections reported in a single day.

Elliott said earlier today that 344 of the 700 new cases were reported in Toronto.

While those aged 20-39 are seeing the largest number of new COVID-19 diagnoses it is starting to spill out into other age groups
While those aged 20-39 are seeing the largest number of new COVID-19 diagnoses it is starting to spill out into other age groups. | Ministry of Health

While higher numbers have obviously accompanied higher testing statistics of up to 41,111 per day as of Monday - 3.8 million in total in Ontario - Ford said the province's fall preparedness plan is going into high gear to hire an additional 3,700 healthcare workers in the coming weeks.

The province has also confirmed 64 new school-related cases including at least 37 students. The health unit has reported 40 cases.

The letter also allows parents to attest that their child has completed 14 days of self-isolation but has not been tested for COVID-19, or that a child has received a negative COVID-19 test result.

Alberta's largest hospital, Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, was postponing surgeries and restricting visitors as 26 patients and 27 workers contracted the virus.

The government said Monday that 128 people are now hospitalized in Ontario due to COVID-19, including 29 in intensive care. That presents more of a threat to the hospital system because older COVID-19 patients are more likely to require medical care.

The new program aims to fill the gap left by the end of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, which took effect in the spring and expired over the weekend.

"The really high-risk cancer surgeries, for instance, won't be able to go ahead if the ICUs are overwhelmed with people who are showing up in the emergency department dying of COVID-19 associated pneumonia and respiratory failure", said Dr. Kali Barrett, a critical care physician at the University Health Network and part of the modelling research team.