Sen. Mike Lee praises Supreme Court nominee Amy Cohen Barrett after meeting

Среда, 30 Сен, 2020

Many have spoke about fears that those beliefs would impact Barret's future rulings, including landmark abortion case, Roe v. Wade.

In essence, the most likely event wouldn't be an outright banning of abortion throughout the nation but a reset on the clock to when the states had full control over whether or not someone can have an abortion and what restriction comes with it.

Gardner was among several Republican senators who met with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judge on Tuesday.

Judge Barrett would be the only current justice to have earned a law degree from a school other than Harvard or Yale-having graduated at the top of her class from Notre Dame Law School in Indiana.

"I don't think the American people like to be threatened", Jordan said during an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures last week.

"I certainly support a well-qualified nominee for the court", he said. "I think the left fears her because she is a woman of faith who practices her faith". As recently as June 29, 2020, the SCOTUS struck down a law from Louisiana which imposed some regulations abortion clinics, saying that the law violates the 1973 judgement.

But in a third case, involving buffer zones created to protect abortion patients from protesters outside clinics, Barrett voted to uphold precedent allowing for those zones. Chief Justice John Roberts, who is considered a conservative, has in the past sided with the court's liberals in some controversial decisions, including to uphold the ACA.

Romney has also praised Barrett as "a highly respected jurist with distinguished legal and academic credentials".

He said, "These are very intense times obviously with COVID and also our political situation and I kind of wanted to step outside of that and just speak as someone who is not invested in this administration".

Some Long Islanders and organizations are anxious about what will happen to the Affordable Care Act if President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee is confirmed. But 20% of both Democrats and unaffiliateds are not sure what they think of Barrett, compared to just 13% of GOP voters. Barrett was a young associate at a Washington law firm and she said she assisted with legal research and briefing in 2000 and 2001.

Biden, speaking from Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday, joined a chorus of Democrats who sought to focus the nomination on an apparent threat to the ACA, a challenge to which will come before the top U.S. court on November 10.

"I think the likelihood of Roe v. Wade being overturned is very minimal".

McGrath didn't take a firm stance on whether the number of justices on the Supreme Court should be increased, but said it was worth a conversation.

Graham told Fox News on Sunday that the panel will likely vote on the nomination on October 22, setting up a final vote on the Senate floor by the end of the month. "Not only does Amy Coney Barrett fail to meet that standard, but she has spent years dangerously arguing against it".

Barrett began holding the customary meetings with individual senators that precede Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings, making Majority Leader Mitch McConnell her first stop. If Barrett is confirmed by the Senate, their long-standing agenda is likely to get fulfilled. But all nominees are united in their belief that what they think about a precedent should not bear on how they would decide cases.

"But let me tell you why I'm not going to answer that question: because it will shift all the focus".