Singer Helen Reddy dead at 78

Пятница, 02 Окт, 2020

She breathes her last on 29th September 2020 in Los Angeles.

Helen Reddy, the singer best known for the feminist anthem I Am Woman, has died aged 78.

In her conversation with Rosie O'Donnell, Reddy confessed that while she was grateful for the ways in which "I Am Woman" empowered women through the years, sometimes she just didn't want to sing it.

Wilkins says Reddy rose to fame at a time when music labels were rejecting female solo singers and turning their focus to bands and group acts. Our hearts are broken. When she arrived, however, the label told her the deal was only for an audition, which they took to be her original performance on Bandstand - an "audition" she had failed, they said.

At her acceptance speech at the Grammys award ceremony, Reddy said, "I'd like to thank God because she makes everything possible".

"Whenever I would ask my mother about her family, her eyes would sort of glaze over, and she'd change the subject". It earned Helen bragging rights of the first Australian solo singer to score a number one song in the USA and won her a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

That very same 12 months, she hosted a community 123 present, "The Helen Reddy Present", for eight episodes, earlier than continuing to an appearing profession that included roles in "Pete's Dragon" and "Airport '75".

The Sydney Morning Herald reports: "At a time when a woman could not get a credit card or a mortgage in her own name, Reddy emerged to become one of the world's highest paid entertainers". She final topped the American chart with 1976's "I Can't Hear You No Extra". "I can't prime that.' So", she informed CBS Information, "it was a straightforward withdrawal".

Reddy's death comes less than three weeks after the release of a biopic about her life called "I Am Woman".

The film's director, Australian Unjoo Moon, was friends with Reddy for years. "She was always swimming against the tide". Her career tapered in the 1980s before she officially retired 2002. I don't have to please the record company or jump up and down for an agent.

She had the good fortune, however, to meet the expat Australian journalist Lilian Roxon (author of the groundbreaking Rock Encyclopedia) who organised a rent party for Reddy on her birthday.

She later returned to California, where in the 1970s she had served on a statewide Parks and Recreation Commission, and returned to the stage occasionally.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis shared a clip of Reddy singing her anthem at a Women's March protest in Los Angeles in 2017, part of global rallies which directed anger at US President Donald Trump.

Honor of my life.

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