Alphabet Inc's Google launches Google TV, new Chromecast

Среда, 07 Окт, 2020

The battery capacity is comparable, and there is a new "Extreme Battery Saver" mode that can stretch the battery on one full charge to up to 48 hours, a feature that Google will retrospectively introduce to earlier Pixel models. Right off the bat, it doesn't have the latest Snapdragon processor, it doesn't have a 1440p display, and it dumps the vaunted Soli radar that powered Motion Sense and Face Unlock. Unfortunately, Google Recorder is an app that is limited to the Pixel series-officially.

Pre-order either the new Google Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a 5G in the United Kingdom and you'll get a pair of Bose QC35 II wireless ANC headphones for free.

In the last weeks, we've found out that retailers demanded fewer units for their stocks of the Pixel 5 to be commercialized before the end of the year than expected. However, that doesn't tell the whole story. However, it has a cutout for the wireless charging induction coil hidden from the user's eyes under a layer of painted resin. Then, as Android Police reports, it coated the whole back of the phone in a "biocoat resin" to mimic the feel of a unibody aluminum enclosure.

If It Has a Camera, We Know Something About It.


As well as the phones Google took the wraps off the new Chromecast and a new smart speaker called Nest Audio. However, its absence does not seem to be a problem on the 2020 Pixel phones as the Live HDR+ and Dual Exposure is available on all the three new phones.

Google will also update the phones to relabel its face retouching options to avoid all sorts of judging vocabulary.

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The service will automatically listen out for when the call is picked up, and send a notification when it's time for the user to get back on the phone.

Google is advertising Google Pixel 5 as a great device for both gamers and regular users.

Despite sharing the same icon as the Android TV Home app, the Google TV homescreen is much different.

Google has failed to hit its own targets previous year, shipping only 7.2 Pixel handsets vs its target of 8-10 million. After selecting it, the Assistant will take over the call. So you can rest assured that these prices are accurate. The original Pixel smartphone, for example, had one of the best cameras on a smartphone, and later versions included low light modes and hand tracking technology that let owners control it with mid-air gestures.

This new feature should come in handy for those who regularly use the Recorder app for meetings and interviews, and you can also search for specific keywords to delete in a recording.