Lana Del Ray wreaks havoc as she wears a mesh face mask

Wednesday, 07 Oct, 2020

And while meeting a group of fans IRL probably isn't the safest thing to do right now, Del Rey made the whole thing so much worse by wearing a rhinestone-encrusted mesh face mask.

Grammy nominated pop star Lana Del Rey wore a mesh mash at a signing event for her new poetry book at a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles, California, where she met with her fans. Comments on the artist's Instagram account express displeasure with the face mask, which appears see-through and thereby probably ineffective in protecting against the coronavirus.

As a responsible citizen and a person with a big platform, it is her duty to wear a proper mask to urge other people for wearing masks.

Fans called the "Cinnamon Girl" singer out in the comments section, with many asking her to apologise for her choice of mask.

One Instagram user wrote: "please address the mask's absolutely embarrassing."Guys, the mask has a translucent layer underneath the mesh".

Another user commented, "Lana I love you but PLEASE the mask" while one anxious fan pleaded with her to wear a proper mask. "Calm down", one wrote, while another shared a picture of a close-up of Lana's mask where clear tape could be seen on her nose. "Please wear a mask (Just not, you know, this one.)", she said to the magazine.

After the event, Del Rey trended on Twitter due to the mask she chose to wear.

Many of them criticised Del Rey for wearing a mask that appeared to offer no protection against Covid-19.

Representatives for the singer did not immediately respond to The Times' request for comment Monday.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 tests don't necessarily catch the virus antibodies early within infection, which is why a 14-day quarantine is recommended for those who come into suspected contact with the virus, or why a negative test doesn't give one licence to drop preventative measures like social distancing, sanitising or mask-wearing.

Earlier this 12 months, Del Rey triggered controversy on Instagram after she posted that she ought to be capable to write songs about being submissive.