The Cygnus cargo ship launched from the cosmodrome in the USA

Wednesday, 07 Oct, 2020

Bad weather at Wallops Island led to a two-day delay earlier in the week, then software issues forced a last-minute launch abort of Northrop Grumman's Antares rocket on Thursday.

The spacecraft is Northrop Grumman's Cygnus and it is a joint Nasa-Northrop Grumman mission.

The shipment also included pressurized air tanks to assist offset A leak in the space station; A new 23 23 million titanium toilet designed for women, and a VR-camera that will provide cinematic shots of the spacewalk and other outdoor views from space.

A recently designed space toilet that better accommodates women is headed to the International Space Station.

This expedition marks a historic collaboration between the two space agencies as this year was the first that NASA astronauts were transported to the ISS from American soil.

This new universal waste management system will remain on the toilet ISS for the rest of the space station's lifetime.

It's critical that life-support systems on space missions, like toilets, can regenerate vital supplies.

The toilet is placed in its own cubicle next to the old toilet on the American side of the space station.

Researchers believe that the 40 seeds sent will shoot within a month. The Leveraging Microgravity to Screen Onco-selective Messenger RNAs for Cancer Immunotherapy (Onco-Selectors) investigation tests drugs based on messenger ribonucleic acids (mRNA) for treating leukemia.

Melissa McKinley, the project manager at Johnson Space Centre, said the toilet's new shape should help all astronauts position themselves better to poop. The new camera will be mounted to the Canadarm2 to capture a spacewalk from start to finish as well as footage of Earth and the exterior of the space station.

"It's lovely to make artificial dawn there for a few minutes".

The spacecraft has an interesting delivery of cargo including a new toilet which has new improved features than the one that already exists; also helping plan future missions to Mars and the moon.

It is noteworthy that the President of NASA, James Braidenstein, had previously confirmed that the budget for commercial activity on board the International Space Station would not exceed 5% of its total financial budget.

The Cygnus spacecraft is carrying a total of 8,000 pounds of crew supplies and science experiments for the ISS.