Paytm announces Rs 10 crore fund for mini app developers

Friday, 09 Oct, 2020

As per the Paytm's press release, the Mini App store is created to help small businesses and app developers in India.

Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma on Wednesday said that the app would also harm apps from banks and wealth advisors as per Google's policy to charge business productivity software and financial management software as well.

Speaking to PTI, Sharma emphasised that the burgeoning Internet ecosystem in India should not be held at "ransom" by worldwide companies whose policies are arbitrary.

On Oct 5, the firm issued a statement that it remains "deeply committed to the success of the Indian ecosystem" and promised to set up "listening sessions with Indian startups to understand their concerns more deeply". No company, from east or west, should be controlling our destiny. There's a sword hanging on our head and they can "arbitrarily" change their policies, according to their whim.

Suppose users want to try out the lighter and fast version of Gmail that works efficiently with fewer ram devices; you have to download it from the play store.

"Developers spend a lot of money and resources to build their apps and then marketing them. But it will freely allow YouTube to promote our free app, for a fee", the company said in the blog.

Paytm has recently launched its own mini-app store with over 300 developers and publishers on board.

"We firmly believe that if app developers are charged a fee of 30 per cent or more, the overall cost of their product and service will increase", it added. The entrepreneurs participating in the discussions also pointed out the 30 percent cut that Google imposes for offering its in-app purchase mechanism.

On September 18, Google had pulled the Paytm and Paytm First Games apps from the Play store.

In India, Google faced criticism from developers after it announced its policy asking them to integrate with the Play Store billing system. These apps are not yet available on the Paytm Mini App Store, obviously, because the store doesn't support native apps. At the event today Paytm has invited indigenous developers to talk about "India's digital revolution", showcase their mini-apps and learn about the best practices to increase their reach.

Paytm has said its newly launched store will allow developers to list and distribute their mini apps without any charges, besides helping "build a sustainable and thriving local technology ecosystem".

At least on Google handsets, "there is nothing preventing Paytm or Epic from creating their own distribution app", Tedder said, adding that would involve a QR code, bar code or one time code for download, creating a poor user experience.

In this way, we now have a very interesting novelty that will help users to manage their tasks and therefore be more efficient.