Hurricane Delta ramps up approaching US Gulf Coast

Суббота, 10 Окт, 2020

Delta will be the 10th named storm to make landfall in the continental USA, another record for what has been an above-average hurricane season. It shows just how relentless the 2020 hurricane season has been.

President Trump approved Edwards' request for a federal emergency declaration on Wednesday.

Hurricane Delta would hit "in the area of our state that is least prepared to take it", Edwards said late Thursday.

The storm is nearing the U.S. Gulf Coast and is expected to bring severe hurricane conditions, life-threatening storm surge and possibly tornadoes.

Hurricane Delta on track to hit Louisiana coastline where Hurricane Laura hit; Phil Keating reports.

In Louisiana city of Lake Charles, a mandatory evacuation has been issued.

Though homes and farmhouses in the area still stood, many rooftops with lingering damage from Laura were covered in blue tarps.

Piles of garbage are neatly lined up along every roadway in a sign of how much cleaning was being done after Laura. Streets were lined with sawed-up trees, moldy mattresses and box springs and duct work and other wreckage of destroyed or badly damaged buildings.

But officials have anxious that all of it could turn into projectiles once Hurricane Deltas winds kick up.

Laura has been blamed for more than 30 deaths. NOAA buoy 42002 very near the center of Delta also recently reported a minimum pressure of 953 mb (28.14 inches).

In Cameron, Louisiana, Leona Boullion told CNN affiliate KPRC her home was spared by Hurricane Laura, but she wasn't sure if she'd be as lucky this time around. Many residents in Louisiana said they were exhausted after all the storms and simply wanted the season to end.

Forecasters anticipate it will arrive somewhere near Lake Charles, which was threatened by hurricanes Laura and Sally just a few weeks ago. In that rare instance (this is only the second time it has happened, along with 2005), the storms are named using the Greek alphabet.

Delta is the latest and nastiest in a recent flurry of rapidly intensifying Atlantic hurricanes that scientists largely blame on global warming.

The rapid changes in storm strength have made it hard for states to prepare ahead of landfall, with preparations now "rushed" ahead of the weekend, the NHC tweeted. That's an extremely unsafe Category 3 hurricane. The storm will bring torrential rains of 5 to 10 inches, with some areas seeing up to 15 inches, the hurricane center says.

Hurricane Delta was packing sustained winds of 195 kph yesterday, the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) said, with landfall expected yesterday evening.

Delta is a Category 3 hurricane, but it has weakened some since earlier this morning when it had 120 miles per hour winds. "As Delta moves farther inland, heavy rainfall is expected in the Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic this weekend".

A hurricane warning is in effect for High Island, Texas, to Morgan City, Louisiana, and storm surge warnings are in effect for parts of Texas to MS, according to the National Hurricane Centre. Some slight additional strengthening is possible overnight.

Storm surge is a particular concern.

A hurricane warning is in effect from High Island, Texas, to Morgan City, La. Tropical Storm Beta prompted tropical storm warnings in mid-September as it slowly crawled up the northeast Texas coast.