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Sunday, 11 Oct, 2020

J&J is now in talks with additional stakeholders, including governments and global organisations, to enable worldwide access to its vaccine candidate against Covid-19.

Beijing's latest bid to join the global fight against the coronavirus follows criticism over its handling of the pandemic, which has contributed to a growing unfavourable view of China in advanced nations, a recent survey showed. Most vaccines under development worldwide have been modelled on the original "D-strain" of the virus, which were more common amongst sequences published early in the pandemic.

China has been in communication with COVAX parties and will purchase vaccine for 15 million people in China, this is based on the consensus reached by both sides and this is a good result for both, she said.

According to Azar, this will be enough to help vulnerable populations.

The country signed an agreement with Gavi, the co-leader of the project, on Thursday, China's foreign ministry said.

Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, for example, recently said it wants to provide its vaccine to the world, including the US and countries in Europe with stringent regulations that have prevented previous Chinese vaccines from being sold. To secure the targeted billion doses, COVAX plans to raise $2 billion this year.

For its part, Gavi has welcomed China's participation. As per a Reuters report, Ghebreyesus was addressing WHO's executive board.

In the spirit of promoting fair and equitable access to the vaccines across all countries, the World Health Organization is proposing that countries prioritize the at-risk population as they develop in-country vaccination strategies. The COVAX facility seeks to accelerate the development and production of coronavirus vaccines through pooling in resources from the member countries, and then ensure that it is equitably distributed amongst them.

The company said it has created multiple supply chains to ensure that access to its vaccine is timely and affordable for high- and low-income countries alike.

Countries are racing to develop vaccines for Covid-19, which has killed more than 1 million people so far this year, according to a tally by the USA -based Johns Hopkins University.

Since January, more than 180 different coronavirus vaccine candidates have been developed, according to the study's authors. In total, 11 vaccine candidates are in different stages of testing, Yang has been quoted by the official media earlier.

The document related to a deal between AstraZeneca, which is developing its vaccine with the University of Oxford, and Fiocruz, in which the Brazilian firm agreed to produce at least 100 million vaccine doses, worth more than $300 million.