House Antitrust Committee Says Apple Has iOS Distribution "Monopoly"

Sunday, 11 Oct, 2020

On top of that, the report describes "dozens of instances where companies misused their power".

Because of Google's scale, the report said, the company has "near-perfect market intelligence" by tracking data in real time across markets.

Republican representatives, whereas they agreed with among the committee's conclusions, have balked at among the extra radical suggestions comparable to imposing structural separations on the tech giants.

Apple also said it disagreed "vehemently" with the report, and that it does not hold a dominant marketshare with any of its business segments.

The commission considers that it has been proven that Facebook and Google have become monopolists in certain markets through illicit practices.

It is still a long way off for the report to the spun into an act of congress. Reuters noted that if the presidential elections are won by Joe Biden, the Democratic majority in the House might keep pressuring Congress to act on the findings and introduce a revamped antitrust law.

In its defence, Facebook said its acquisition of rival platforms Instagram and WhatsApp improved the apps for consumers.

Meanwhile, ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan of OH, who had stated during the July hearing that "Big Tech is out to get conservatives", has "asked his colleagues not to endorse the Democratic-led report".

For many start-ups and small businesses, the proposed new regulations offer a glimmer of much-needed relief in an unforgiving marketplace that hinders industry growth. But any law changes could hinge on the upcoming U.S. election because the antitrust subcommittee responsible for the report is split on party lines in how to remedy the market dominance.

Among other tech giants, Google has said in a blog post that its antitrust investigation into Facebook features outdated and inaccurate allegations from commercial rivals. While it supports some of the recommendations, such as data portability and open mobile platforms, other plans like breaking up the companies or diluting the liability protections for internet platforms "would cause real harm to consumers, America's technology leadership and the US economy-all for no clear gain", the company said.

The report cited "evidence that the antitrust agencies failed, at key occasions, to stop monopolists from rolling up their competitors and failed to protect the American people from abuses of monopoly power".

Washington is finally ready to turn up the heat on Silicon Valley.

But limiting Big Tech's efforts to expand into new business lines is very possible. "But large companies are not dominant by definition, and the presumption that success can only be the result of anti-competitive behavior is simply wrong".

State attorneys probe Google: A group of state attorneys general led by Texas is expected to file a lawsuit focused on digital advertising, while a group led by Colorado is contemplating a more expansive lawsuit against Google that may also include concerns about its Android business.

Apple has been facing multiple antitrust investigations around the world, mostly because the company doesn't allow apps to be installed on iPhones and iPads from outside the App Store.