On "SNL" Maya Rudolph joined by Jim Carrey as the Fly

Monday, 12 Oct, 2020

On Oct. 7, 2020, Vice President Mike Pence and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris squared off during their first and only debate of the presidential campaign season. Despite Harris's beating around the bush and a bit drawn out answers, it was clear who was more prepared for the debate. Now, health experts are speculating that the redness in the left eye of Vice President Mike Pence could be a sign of infection from COVID-19. He also avoided answering questions about how far he would go to roll back abortion rights and if he believes climate change poses a threat to the US.

And there was nothing to suggest the vice president's debate performance in Salt Lake City will help Trump with his biggest problem in the November 3 election: women.

"The president said it was a hoax".

"It is now apparent there will be no debate on October 15, and the CPD will turn its attention to preparations for the final presidential debate scheduled for October 22", the commission said in a statement.

"Kamala Harris, the clear victor according to debate watchers in our flash poll, 59% say she won the debate tonight". Heaven knows we need reasons to laugh now, and that fly came through for us. "And these fools, Trump and Pence, killed me, man".

Senator Harris is the first Black and South Asian woman to be a major party's vice presidential nominee. The show began with Kate McKinnon playing the debate moderator Susan Page.

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But even if Pence had a strong night against Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, the reality is that Pence is not Trump, the candidate who dominates TV screens and media coverage so completely that everyone in his orbit becomes lost in shadow. You're on 100% of the time, radio debate she would have won 55-45. He also sidestepped a question on how the administration would protect patients with pre-existing conditions of it is successful in a court challenge against the Affordable Care Act, which provides those protections.

Harris and Pence sat at distance and were separated by two plexiglass barriers during the VP debate in Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 23 million people being protected under the ACA, Harris stressed that Trump and Pence's rollbacks of the ACA would negatively impact millions. "They got rid of it", Harris said.

In response, Pence affirmed his pro-life position.

But he still landed on Pence's head of course, as the "SNL" parody then showed Beckett's Pence with a hugely visible fly on his head.

Although everyone including Harris saw the fly, Pence didn't seem to notice the insect, which didn't appear to move and continued to simply sit there on for 2 minutes and 9 seconds. It trended on Twitter in real time, as celebrities, politicians and viewers alike called it the highlight of the night. His is account tweeted a picture of the former vice president with a fly swatter and a fundraising appeal, writing: "'Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly". Speaking of Page, it was nice to see some control and respect of the agreed debate format.