This is Apple’s Diwali ‘gift’ to iPhone 11 buyers in India

Monday, 12 Oct, 2020

Apple will be offering AirPods for free with an iPhone 11 from its newly launched online store or the Apple India website.

With the spread of the internet, many people started shopping online.

(Pocket-lint) - It's hard to keep track of all the Apple leakers out there, but several reports are covering what one particular leaker, Kang, is saying about Apple's plans for its 13 October event. While Apple isn't known for bowing to this kind of pressure, it may be decided that right now would not be an ideal time to poke the bear.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has typically either shipped devices and accessories from warehouses located in a customer's region or directly from China. These methods were not doing Apple and its customers any good as time and money were taken to waste. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Apple Stores to shut down as there is no in-person interaction and everyone is switching to online orders to buy products and Apple just made this more efficient and effective. However, customers will not be able to choose this option, and Apple will pre-determine this automatically for the buyers.

Depending on what's purchased, some orders will be delivered as soon as a day after a customer places an order, with Apple planning to ship through FedEx in the United States and United Parcel Service in Canada. This decision is entirely up to Apple's operations team that handles the ordering process.

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iPhone 11 is available in three variants, divided on the basis of capacity - 64 GB, 128 GB, and 254 GB. The phone comes with a dual-camera setup with two 12-megapixel cameras.

However, leakers such as Prosser also get their information from various anonymous sources which can have their own mixed track records of accuracy, and it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for Apple to be feeding false information through certain channels to preserve some sense of surprise for its new product launches.

AirTags, a circular keychain attachment similar to Tile, promise to help users find keys, wallets or whatever other item they pin them to. With the new feature of the American technology giant, your order can be shipped directly from a store close to you, instead of from the warehouse.