Donald Trump Refuses To Denounce QAnon At NBC Town Hall

Sunday, 18 Oct, 2020

He slammed Donald Trump and discussed his fears of him getting re-elected, "I really do believe in my heart that there'll be a race war".

The fashion brand has unleashed two powerful videos: one with former Obama press aide, Desire Barns, (known for her viral impromptu speech), while the other uses real men and women who are angry and ready to make a change in the world.

The two candidates were meant to be going head to head in their second presidential debate, but the event was cancelled because of Mr Trump's coronavirus diagnosis.

Our Black Party's mission is to "power the Black agenda and elect bold representatives" who represent their communities and address the needs of Black people and it officially endorses Joe Biden in the coming election.

"That way of thinking is real unsafe". Can also do. During the election campaign in Southfield, Michigan on Friday, he said that due to Trump's policies on Kovid-19, the country is paying a heavy price.

Racial income inequality between Black and white Americans has indeed exploded over the last three decades, but Trump has been president for four years, and has been accused of anti-Black racism and business practices well into the '70s. "We're in a war of love versus hate".

He said his first priority is to get Donald Trump out of the White House. He insists he is NOT attempting to sway Black votes toward either candidate.

As the president says, this has never been done in history. It will be irresponsible of me to have us maintain our vote hostage.

Antifa is short for "anti-fascist" and is a left-wing political movement in the United States made up of various autonomous groups.

The West Coast rap icon has been known to withhold his support for Democratic politicians in the past, arguing that neither party has proven that they are genuinely looking out for the good of Black communities in America.

As it stands, Our Black Party has all the details one would need before considering taking up arms with the group. "If Biden wins, the USA will be owned by China".

"Between COVID hitting us and because we weren't organized for this election, we have no choice, now, to get Trump out of there", he added. We've got those reactions listed down below.

However, after Trump advisor Katrina Pierson thanked Cube for working with Trump, the rapper found himself in the position of having to defend himself against accusations that he'd picked a political side.

"Facts: I put out the [Contract with Black America]", the rapper tweeted.