Philadelphia lifts curfew after unrest over police killing

Saturday, 31 Oct, 2020

A lawyer for Wallace's family, Shaka Johnson, said he was bipolar and the call to emergency services was for an ambulance.

His family said he suffered from mental health issues and asked why officers did not taser him instead. He approached officers who had their weapons drawn and they warned him multiple times to put down the knife he was holding, which has been confirmed by witnesses because it is unclear from the video if he is holding a knife.

Wallace's father, Walter Wallace Sr., criticized Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny over his response to the shooting.

Later in the day, a lawyer for the Wallace family complained the police department sent "ill-trained, ill-prepared officers" to deal with his mental health crisis. However, he said, "If you engage in violent civil unrest and commit a federal crime in this district, we will come after you". Authorities in Philadelphia say Wallace, a Black man, ignored orders to drop a knife, while his family says he was experiencing a mental health crisis.

The attorney described the final moments of Wallace's life as they were captured in the body cam footage, saying the officers made no attempt to diffuse the chaotic situation upon their arrival.

The decision on whether to prosecute the officers will fall to Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who said on Tuesday he had not decided whether charges were warranted. He plans to again this year, and says Trump's statements about Philadelphia are spot on. Police did not respond to requests for comment about Johnson's remarks.

At least 200 businesses have been looted in the unrest, many of which were already suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic. Philadelphia police said 91 people were arrested Monday night and 30 officers injured as a result of the protests.

The shooting of Wallace comes a week after an officer in Waukean, north of Chicago, shot dead 19-year-old Black man Marcellis Stinnette when he opened fire on his vehicle. Cause this gotta stop,"said Kathy Brant, Wallace's mother, who can be heard on a video of the shooting shared on social media pleading with the officers not to shoot". Johnson said Wallace had nine children - two briefly spoke at a news conference late Tuesday, along with Walter Wallace's mother and father. "This is what happens".

A Philadelphia police officer is covered with an unidentified red substance during a confrontation with protesters on Tuesday.

City officials have provided scant details about the shooting.

On Tuesday, his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, lamented "another Black life in America lost", adding, "We can not accept that in this country a mental health crisis ends in death".

Ramsey said the officers had seconds to make "crucial decisions". They said he had a knife.

"We're in the middle of a major sea change in American policing", Wexler said. "Again, a Democrat-run state, a Democrat-run city, Philadelphia".

A racially diverse crowd came together Tuesday evening at Malcolm X Park, not far from the West Philadelphia neighborhood where Wallace was killed. Revolution yes! ' on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020.

The fatal shooting of another Black man on America's streets by police - with subsequent unrest - has brought the fraught issues of policing and racism in the nation back to the fore of the presidential election in its closing days.

The city and the department have faced lawsuits, including over stop-and-frisk policies.

Johnson also said police had fired 14 times when only once could have diffused the danger. That meant fewer bad encounters but also that officers rarely stopped to meet residents. However, he said, violence "is not an acceptable form of 1st Amendment expression".