Over 600,000 United Kingdom citizens receive first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine

Tuesday, 29 Dec, 2020

It will also procure 4.5 million doses of the vaccine developed by BioNTech and Pifzer, with an option to get 30 million more doses later.

Three health workers at Rome's Spallanzani hospital were inoculated early on Sunday.

"BioNTech has confirmed the quality of the vaccine shots", a spokeswoman for Upper Franconia said.

Asked about the delay during an interview with radio station Cadena Ser, Spain's Health Minister Salvador Illa said it was due to a problem "linked to the control of the temperature" of the shipments which was "apparently fixed".

Brussels, Several European countries have launched their vaccination campaigns against the novel coronavirus, as the first batch of vaccines was distributed among European Union (EU) member states, in the hope of defeating the disease.

"This is where the variations in temperature occurred".

The Pfizer shots being used in Europe were shipped from its factory in Puurs, Belgium, in specially designed containers filled with dry ice.

"Vaccination against the coronavirus is not about who vaccinates the fastest or who does the most doses".

To aid the roll out of the vaccine, temporary solar-powered healthcare pavilions will pop up in town squares around the country, created to look like five-petalled primrose flowers, a symbol of spring. Portugal is establishing separate cold storage units for its Atlantic archipelagos of Azores and Madeira. The syringe-shaped route showed up on internet site flightradar24.

Canada reported Saturday that it had detected two variant cases in the province of Ontario in a couple who had not travelled recently nor had high risk contacts with other people.

"Vaccination is not a silver bullet that can end the pandemic immediately, but it is a key enabler to getting us back to a safer state of affairs", said the MOH.

Cases of the United Kingdom variant have been detected in Australia, Hong Kong and in Europe, mostly recently in Sweden, France, Norway and Portugal's island of Madeira.

While experts are confident the vaccine will work against this new variant, further tests will need to take place to be completely certain. This is especially helpful for people who aren't eligible for the vaccine, such as those with compromised immune systems.

The vaccine is to be supplied to the most vulnerable in society first, such as nursing home residents.

In Germany, similar temperature issues also delayed the start of the vaccination campaign in the southern Bavarian districts of Augsburg and Dillingen, where staff eventually got clearance from BioNTech to use the shots. The Netherlands said it will not start vaccinating until January 8.

Germany, meanwhile, said trucks were on their way to deliver the vaccine to care homes for the elderly, which are first in line to receive the vaccine on Sunday.