Sen Perdue quarantines for virus exposure ahead of GA runoff

Saturday, 02 Jan, 2021

Early voting ended Thursday with just more than 3 million Georgians casting absentee or in-person ballots. Election Day votes count the exact same as early votes. He cited Republican Sen.

President Trump will rally for Republicans Senator David Perdue and Senator Kelly Loeffler on January 4, which is the day before the election, in the northwest Georgia congressional district of Rep. -elect Marjorie Taylor Green, reported NBC. Kelly Loeffler, are fighting off a pair of Democratic challengers in hopes of retaining the Republican majority in the US Senate.

Both of Georgia's Senate seats weren't supposed to be up for grabs in 2020. That's because Democratic Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will serve as the Senate's presiding officer and will vote as needed to break any ties.

"We had someone test positive yesterday [Thursday] morning, and according to CDC guidelines and our doctor's recommendations. we made a decision to go into quarantine these last few days", he explained. Just a day before he had to cease campaigning, Perdue made his 100th stop of his "Win Georgia, Save America" runoff campaign tour.

In a statement released Thursday, the campaign of Sen.

It would be a big win for Biden, as Democrats would control both houses of Congress. She said Perdue and Loeffler undermined their "socialism" warnings by splitting from most congressional Republicans to support the president's call for $2,000 pandemic aid payments to individual Americans.

The runoffs have attracted national attention from both parties as high-profile surrogates have been stumping and cutting ads since the general election in November.

Of those who are not voting in the US Senate runoffs, a disproportionate number are conservative.

Historically in Georgia, Democrats have fared worse than Republicans at doing this - Democrats have never won a statewide runoff in the Peach State, even when their candidate had more votes in the general election.

Two months after the November elections, Georgia voters have unfinished business.

New polls are showing the Democrats ahead, based on the almost 2.8 million early ballots that have been cast in the race, and when asked if he thinks the election will be fair, Perdue replied that it will be a "tight election".