Teaching Union Calls On Government To Keep Schools Closed

Monday, 04 Jan, 2021

The Vice President of the ASCL headteacher's Union, Pepe Di'lasio had further commented that the ministers have been notified about this prior.

"We've all seen this coming, and we would have preferred to have been able to plan for this before the end of last term", he told BBC News.

Johnson conceded that school closures, curfews and the total banning of household mixing could be on the agenda for areas under the most stress.

"General secretary of the National Education Union (NEU), Mary Bousted, said schools should stay closed for two weeks to "break the chain" of transmission and prevent the NHS becoming overwhelmed".

In northern Ontario, all schools are scheduled to reopen on that date while in southern Ontario, secondary school students were told they would not be returning to the classroom until January 25.

Some London borough leaders wrote to the British government Friday, asking for the official efforts to reverse plans to reopen primary schools in some areas. The Government in Westminster should have done that at least.

KINGSTON, Jamaica- The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI) says an additional 129 schools have been approved for face-to-face teaching and learning starting next term.

"In some instances that means different approaches for schools only a few roads away from each other", he added.

Now, according to the Guardian, the government has changed its mind after an emergency meeting on New Year's Day, ordering a blanket closure across London.

"These measures will be reviewed every two weeks, and we hope they will be in place for the shortest period possible".

Even in the last month of the year, the government had asked the schools to commence setting up mass testing programmes for January but the professionals had declared that the timescale wasn't workable, and thus, they would set online classes for everyone for the upcoming term.

"What we are using now is the tiering system, which is a very tough system, and alas probably about to get tougher to keep things under control", he said.

He said: "I'm getting lots of correspondence from schools and from residents saying we don't understand why kids in Westminster and Kensington are being told it's not safe for them to go to primary school when the case rate in Islington is 50 to 55 per cent higher than those two boroughs".

Secondary school students in southern Ontario were told they would not be returning to the classroom until January 25. "Schools should be closed". Staff? Resources (financial and otherwise).

Dr Boyle added: "We are anxious about staff burnout, staff are exhausted, they have worked really hard over the summer, they have put up with a lot of disruption".

Hundreds of new vaccination sites - at both hospitals as well as local doctor's offices - are due to launch this week, joining the more than 700 already in operation, NHS England said. "The man does not have a clue".

Distance learning support has been voiced by unions representing teachers and support workers.

The statement from the NEU released on Saturday 2 January is a welcome initiative to help keep children, staff and the general public safe, while the government is failing on such a huge scale.