Actress Tanya Roberts is still alive, according to her publicist

Wednesday, 06 Jan, 2021

Tanya will be remembered for much more than her freaky final hours - she will truly be remembered for her long and successful career as a model and actress. In this February 26, 2017 photo, Roberts attends the 27th annual "Night Of 100 Stars" black tie dinner viewing gala at The Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades, California.

According to TMZ, which was first to report the news of her death, Roberts collapsed after returning home from walking her dogs on Christmas Eve. The statement has since been retracted after Lance received a phone call from the hospital on Monday saying the actress had not passed away.

Speaking about his hospital visit over the weekend, Lance told The Sun: "I turn around and she's completely passed out cold".

Lance O'Brien breaks down mid interview as he receives the news.

Tanya Roberts, who captivated James Bond in A View to a Kill, appeared in the final season of Charlie's Angels and later played Midge Pinciotti in the sitcom That '70s Show, has died in Los Angeles.

The actor is best known for her role as Bond girl Stacey Sutton, which she played opposite Roger Moore's 007 in A View to a Kill.

O'Brien later told TMZ he had made a faulty assumption based on Roberts being in bad condition, but did not talk to doctors before he spoke with her rep. "She's a very sick lady".

Pingel said he was notified Sunday evening by Roberts' longtime partner Lance O'Brien that Roberts had died.

'She was all instinct and beauty. "It's a shame this happened".

The Hollywood Reporter was unable to speak with O'Brien.

Mr Pingel said Ms Roberts' partner, Lance O'Brien, told him that he held his wife and she "seemed for him to slip away".

'I loved her. RIP beauty, ' the tribute ended. "I was asleep, they woke me up, and I just cried myself back to sleep".

The publicist said he was awaiting further updates on Roberts' condition.

"Currently, it's not looking good", Pingel said of Roberts' health.